Honey B


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It could easily stand for Honey Bees or Honey Boo Boo, but this B stands for stupendously big - exactly what you want when it comes to sweet & fruity Honey B's ginormous yields. It'll take a week or two extra to get there, but when you do, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the payload of massive, resin-coated colas. This is most definitely a cannabis seed to savour!
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • 80% Sativa: 20% Indica
  • Big Yields, Big Colas
  • Sweet, Fruity, Clear, Racy
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Product Details

More than Worth the Wait!


Before you let Honey B Seeds' 80-90 day finish turn you off, consider a few things that'll most definitely turn you on!

  • Incredible Output - 600 gr/m2 or More!
  • Big Colas Smothered in Gooey Resin
  • Sweet Fruity Flavours with Notes of Orange Peel

Over time, the Honey B Strain reaches the pinnacle of herbal richness with yields that easily surpass 600 gr/m2. The flavours blend & mature to a complex mix of sugar & fruit that'll tempt you to the very core.

Of course, all this is for naught without a stunning Sativa-dominant effect. These regular seeds are crisp, clear and a touch racy - much too energetic for afternoons lounging around. Honey B Cannabis Seeds are for the stoner on the go!

When we need to squeeze a few more hours out of The Gorilla, we fuel him up with a little Honey B. How'd you think we managed to pack & dispatch our ganja seeds so fast?

Sweeten the Pot with Scrumptious Honey B Seeds - Buy Yours Today!

NB: This description of Barney's Farm Honey B Cannabis Seeds is based entirely on the original breeder specs and pertains to the parents, not the individual beans we offer. Cultivation, germination or growing these souvenir collectibles is strictly prohibited.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Flowering Time 12 weeks
THC Average
CBD Low%
Medical Yes
Height Info medium
Height notes 100 to 120 cm
Flavour Sweet & Fruity with Hints of Orange Peel
Yield Good
Yield Notes 600 gr/m2
Mainly Sativa Yes
Sativa / Indica ratio 80% Sativa: 20% Indica
Greenhouse Yes
Honey B puts the B in BIG, gigantic yields that can easily reach over 600gr/m2 of sweet, fruity, Sativa dominant buds. Barney's farm is a legend in the weed industry, responsible for some of the highest yielding and strongest cup winning seeds in the world. Avoid disappointment and buy your own legends here today