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Sweet Tooth Auto thumbnail

Sweet Tooth Auto

Sugary Sweet, 16% THC & 600 gr/m2!

Sweet Tooth Auto stays true to her legendary mom & delivers all the good stuff in 80 days or less from seed. How can you beat that?

  • Under 90 cm - Indoor Friendly!
  • Balanced - 60% Indica; 40% Sativa
Tangelo Rapido Auto thumbnail

Tangelo Rapido Auto

Tastey Tangerine Nuggets

Tokers will love the tangy aroma and the buzz that’s mental and physical. Tangelo Rapido is a really fast auto hybrid that offers the perfect mix of High CBD and only 15% THC .

  • Medical CBD
  • Fast Autoflowering
Tangerine Dream thumbnail

Tangerine Dream

Crisp Orange Flavour & 23% THC!

With a clean citrus smell & tangy orange flavour, Tangerine Dream tastes as good as she sounds! These 100% feminized seeds are, without a doubt, true champions. Get yours now!

  • 2010 Cannabis Cup Winner
  • Instant Mental & Physical Relaxation!
Tangerine Dream Auto thumbnail

Tangerine Dream Auto

Barney's Farm did it again! They took one of their most popular photoperiod seeds and added just enough Ruderalis to make it super fast. Tangerine Dream Auto still oozes with resin and tart, citrus flavours so you can barely tell the difference when it comes to the finished buds. Yields are nicely high at 500 gr/m2 inside on average.
Top Dawg thumbnail

Top Dawg

Winner of the 2007 Indica Cup!

Bite off a big chunk of Indica goodness with this Barney's Farm champ - 19% THC, 550 gr/m2 yields & sweet pineapple flavour.

  • Relaxes the Mind & the Body
  • 60% Sativa; 40% Indica
Triple Cheese thumbnail

Triple Cheese

Refined & Concentrated Over 5 Generations!

Barney's worked on this Triple Cheese blend for years to squeeze every bit of the pungent goodness out of these Indica-dominant genetics. Expect branch-breaking yields!

  • Blue Cheese X Original Cheese
  • 90-110 cm, 55-60 days, 600 gr/m2
Tropicanna Banana thumbnail

Tropicanna Banana

Not only is Barney's new Tropicanna Banana (released early 2020) the perfect blend of America's most elite strains, it successfully melds the ultimate in gourmet flavours with raw, unrelenting power! This 100% feminized seed boasts a killer 25% THC rating but still tantalizes the taste buds with a medley of tropical fruit tastes that dance across the palate like silk. You won't have any problem picking out strong notes of ripe banana and sweet tangerine!
Utopia Haze thumbnail

Utopia Haze

Sativa Cup Champion - 2008!

At HTCC 2008, Utopia Haze won the Sativa Cup, the Cannabis Cup & was declared the overall best strain of the entire competition. It just doesn't get better than that!

  • 90% Sativa - Brazilian Landrace Genetics
  • 22% THC - Strong, Long-Lasting Mental Highs
Vanilla Kush thumbnail

Vanilla Kush

Barney's Tastiest & Strongest Seed - Ever!

With Vanilla Kush, the smell is intense wet, dry & in the bag! This is the most fragrant, the tastiest & the strongest bean to ever grace the legendary Barney's Farm menu.

Violator Kush thumbnail

Violator Kush


Violator Kush is a pure Indica cross from Malana and the Hindu Kush. Don’t expect anything other than couch lock. She's short but contains the massive healing power of CBD..

  • Pure Indica cross
  • Healing CBD Power
Violator Kush thumbnail

Violator Kush

22% THC, 80% Indica, Nearly Narcotic!

Looking for a knock-out Indica? Violator Kush is like the sleeper hold, pile driver & stone-cold stunner all rolled into one!

  • Whopping 650 gr/m2 Yields
  • 1.5% CBD for Bone-Rattling Stones
Watermelon Zkittelz thumbnail

Watermelon Zkittelz

This balanced hybrid is a cross of Watermelon and Zkittelz, and the result is delicious strain with incredible effects. With a high ranging from uplifting euphoria to calm relaxation, whatever your requirements, it can satisfy them.
Watermelon Zkittlez thumbnail

Watermelon Zkittlez

By introducing a super-sweet Watermelon strain to rainbow-flavored Zkittlez, Barney’s once again brings you the latest and greatest genetics from the good old USA. This balanced hybrid will dazzle your palate while it energizes your body, calms your mind and soothes your soul. Both potency are yields are incredibly high, with mountains of green and gold buds nestled amidst deep-purple fans all completely encrusted in visible THC crystals. Boo-yah!
Watermelon Zkittlez Auto thumbnail

Watermelon Zkittlez Auto

Barney’s Farm is killing us! As if Zkittlez wasn’t enough, they’ve improved it with both Watermelon and autoflowering genetics to turn it into a 70-day powerhouse with 26% THC and big, dense buds that ooze with potency. This is not an Indica to trifle with! As a bonus, Watermelon Zkittlez Auto is a non-fussy, beginner-friendly autoflowering seed that’s perfect for any experience level.
Wedding Cake thumbnail

Wedding Cake

You'll love these new Barney’s Farm Seeds like a fat kid loves cake! This 80% Indica sucks out the absolute best traits of Cherry Pie, Girl Scout Cookies and a totally old-school OG Kush to bring you crazy-high THC, insane yields (up to 650 gr/m2) and a delightful stench that oozes with notes of vanilla, sweet-n-sour earth and pungent skunk. Killer!
Wedding Cake Auto thumbnail

Wedding Cake Auto

Perfectly formed and hardened by frosty-white resin, Wedding Cake Auto proves that fully autoflowering seeds have broken through all barriers to become every bit as good as any photoperiod strain. This Wedding Cake X BF Super Auto #1 pairing will, without a doubt, deliver a killer amount of monster-sized flowers that ooze with berry-scented trichomes and THC by the 70-75 day mark. Brilliant!
Zkittlez OG Auto thumbnail

Zkittlez OG Auto

Zkittlez OG Auto tastes just like she sounds delivering a full rainbow of flavour sensations after a mere 70 days from seed. Not only is this sweet and sour mix of berries, grapes and tropical fruit a pure joy for any palate, this killer autoflowering seed delivers on the power too. THC measures in at a very satisfying 18%!
Cheese Feminized Seeds thumbnail

Cheese Feminized Seeds

Considered the UK’s favourite strain for decades, Original Cheese has practically died out in favour of trendier American strains – until now! Barney’s Farm reached deep within their gene pool to reintroduce this classic Skunk to a new generation. This one is definitely stank – buy a fresh filter and get busy with this smoked cheddar classic. This cannabis seed has a ceiling-free high that knows no bounds. Get ready for a total tolerance breakthrough!
Chronic Thunder thumbnail

Chronic Thunder

Pure Indica, Awesomeness

Thunderstruck would have been another good name for Barney’s Farm Chronic Thunder. A heavy Indica dominant hybrid of Chronic x Alaskan Thunder. Awesome!

  • Rapid 7 to 8 Week Finishes
  • Pure Indica Genetics
Bubba Kush thumbnail

Bubba Kush

Completely saturated with resin, Bubba Kush is a classic hash strain that yields like a beast. Indoors, she only needs about 8 weeks of bloom to deliver 600 gr/m2, and she zooms straight to a full kilo outside during warm, sunny summers. Buds are big, dense and dank with fat calyxes popping with purple, gold and green hues beneath a thick carpet of orange hairs. Bubba Kush is everything good cannabis seeds should be!
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