Chiesel Auto

Big Buddha Does Automatics Right!

Big Buddha Seeds

This infamous UK breeder does it again with a brand-new autoflowering seed that's virtually guaranteed to set a new standard that other beans can only hope to match! Chiesel Automatic combines Buddha Cheese with NYC Diesel and a 3rd-generation automatic for a low-profile, full-bodied AutoFem with fast finishes, vigorous development and dense, rocky buds that give new meaning to dank. Like all Big Buddha strains, this is a must-have!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Autoflowering Hybrid
  • 75 to 95 Days from Seed
  • Strong Aroma & Taste

About Chiesel Auto

Maximum Speed with No Tradeoff!

Big Buddha Seeds worked their magic to give Chiesel Automatic an insane level of speed, but somehow, this potent breed didn't lose a thing in the process. The yields are still extra high, the smell is still just as strong, and the power speaks for itself. Did Big Buddha sell his chubby soul to The Gorilla to make that happen? We'll never tell!

  • Chiesel Automatic Finishes in Seed
  • NYC Diesel & Big Buddha Cheese Genetics
  • Smells Just Like Diesel - Grapefruit & Petrol
  • Very Potent - Turbo Charged!

To create this ground-breaking automatic, Big Buddha crossed his own Chiesel (a NYC Diesel X Big Buddha Cheese hybrid) with a productive, but unnamed, 3rd generation automatic. This genetic mix delivers a powerful, chill high that lasts for hours paired with a classic, old-school Diesel aroma filled with sour grapefruit and greasy petrol. The flavour layers sweet hash on top of classic Kush on top of sweet citrus and exotic spices. Killer!

With Chiesel Auto Seeds, training is not needed or desirable! These autoflowering seeds go from start to finish way too fast for that, developing a massive central bud without any type of assistance. Dripping with resin, this cola is a true sight to behold. Wait & see!

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Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics NYC Diesel X BB Cheese X Automatic
Flowering Time Autoflowering
Auto flowering Yes
Autoflowering Cycle 75 to 95 days from seed.
Flavour Hash spice, spicy citrus kush.
Aroma Intense grapefruit diesel fuel with old skool undertones.
Greenhouse Yes
Big Buddha is more than a cannabis icon - he's the most beloved breeder in the entire UK! Want to know why? Not only has he slayed 'em at High Times and Spannabis year after year, but he's also the man with the plan when it comes to the notorious Cheese line! He's got Big Buddha Cheese, Blue Cheese, Cheisel, Cheesus, Auto Cheese & more. He's not saying, but with this kind of fixation, we bet he was born in Cheddar! Next time you're ready for something truly pungent, treat yourself to a full pack of Big Buddha Seeds!
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