Big Buddha Blue Cheese feminized

Blue Cheese Feminized: Electric Blue and Fabulous!

Big Buddha Seeds

Painted a shocking blue, Blue Cheese startles the eye while it tempts the palate! For an explosive burst of fruity flavour, get your own supply of Blue Cheese!
  • 25% Blueberry / 75% Cheese
  • Big Buddha Seeds
  • Finishes in as Little as 8 Weeks!
  • Feminized
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About Big Buddha Blue Cheese feminized

Liven things up with a bright pop of electric blue! One of the most vibrant strains on the planet, Big Buddha Blue Cheese Feminized can only be described as a bright-turquoise wonder. With just the right mix of Blueberry and UK Cheese, this Big Buddha special is pleasing to the eye, the nose, and the palate!

Blue Cheese: The Result of an Exhaustive Breeding Process

Big Buddha didn’t just throw together any old Blueberry and Cheese combination when they dreamed up Blue Cheese. They sampled Blueberries from several different seed banks before choosing the best. Next, they crossed this specimen with their own high-quality UK Cheese breeding stock. To finish her up, they backcrossed this child one more time with UK Cheese for a double dose of the good stuff!

No One Can Get Enough of the Blue Cheese!

The demand for Blue Cheese Feminized continues to expand every year. If you’ve never had the opportunity to give this potent hybrid a try, you’ve been missing out. To match her colour, the flavour is a strong, fruity blueberry. The fragrance, on the other hand, is sweet and tart like ripe berries with a musky, cheese quality. The effects have been described as euphoric and functional while the exciting mix of Sativa and Indica qualities keeps everyone coming back for more!

Order Big Buddha Blue Cheese Feminized Cannabis Seeds today!

The Gorilla loves blue strains, especially Blue Cheese! But, he’d never let you think you could get something we don’t sell. If you order cannabis seeds from our site, they won’t resemble these descriptions. Instead, you will receive authentic items suitable for your collection. Germination and cultivation is discouraged by us and considered illegal in the UK and many other countries.

Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics 25% Blueberry, 75% Cheese
Flowering Time 8-10 weeks
Flowering Outdoors End of October
Mainly Sativa Yes
Big Buddha’s Blue Cheese Feminised is a powerful and stinky favourite In the UK. Big Buddha is famous in the UK for breeding the highest quality cheese strains like Cheesus, Auto Cheese and Bubble Cheese, and he’s also the man behind the original UK Cheese. Like a pungent cheese? Then Big Buddha is the Cheese man!
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