Big Buddha Cheese Dawg Feminized

Unleash the Beast with Cheese Dawg Seeds!

Big Buddha Seeds

Every dawg loves the Cheese! Tame your inner beast by feeding him a big nugget of Cheese Dawg, a potent Big Buddha favourite with a huge punch of American power!
  • 75% Indica to 25% Sativa
  • Big Buddha Cheese Reversed x Chemdawg 91
  • Big Buddha
  • Chemmy, Cheesy, Fruity, Hashy
  • Feminized
  • Ready in a Short 8 to 10 Weeks
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Product Details

Cheese Dawg Feminized is a potent mix of Big Buddha Cheese and Chem Dawg, an American standard. This high-quality, boutique variety is Indica dominant with an aroma that’s both chemical/dank and classic cheese. The flavour is another interesting mix that combines a household-cleaner vibe with a delicious, fruity taste. Don’t ask us how anyone actually knows what cleaning solution tastes like. We didn’t want to know!

Is it Good or Gross?

Although the strong, fruity flavour from Cheese does cut the chemical component from Chem Dawg by a ton, that weird aftertaste is still in there. Most people love it because they know it means they’ll get the strong, long-lasting effect they’re looking for. The Gorilla thinks it’s a pretty good tradeoff. If you don’t believe us, the rock-hard trichomes delivered by Big Buddha Cheese Dawg Feminized will convince you! By the way, if you’re a hash fan, the resin on this dawg will make you do a double-take!

The Chemdawg Story

Even Big Buddha knows that the Dead-Heads always scored the best weed back in the day! That’s why an ambitious American breeder picked up enough to find a few top-choice seeds at a concert way back in ’91. From there, Chemdawg has been the proud papa of too many American strains to count. Although a chemical taste might sound a little nasty, you’ll willingly put up with it for the knockout hit Chemdawg and Cheese Dawg Feminized deliver.

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This was enough to make the Gorilla bark at the moon! But, not before he takes a time out to tell you all about your Cheese Dawg order. You will receive the real deal, but they’re meant for collection purposes only and will not resemble this description. Remember, cultivation and germination is illegal in the UK and most other parts of the world.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Chemdawg 91 x Big Budivha Cheese (Reversed)
Flowering Time 8-10 weeks
Flowering Outdoors End Of October
Mainly Indica Yes
Sativa / Indica ratio 75% Indica / 25% Sativa
Big Buddha Cheese Dawg is a fast, fruity, hashy strain from the iconic UK Cheese breeder - Big Buddha. Undoubtedly the best know breeder of Cheese in the world, with strains like Blue Cheese, Cheesy Dick and now Cheese Dawg, you’ll be hearing from him again. Want the ultimate Cheese experience? Then get your Cheese Dawg today!