Big Buddha Cheesy Dick Feminized

Creamy Meets Spicy in Cheesy Dick Feminized!

Big Buddha Seeds

With a cream-cheese aroma and a delectable, spicy flavour, Cheesy Dick is a serious strain with a funny name! When the teasing stops, your crew will want more and more Big Buddha Cheesy Dick!.
  • 95% Indica to 5% Sativa
  • Big Buddha
  • Big Buddha Cheese x Moby Dick
  • Feminized
  • Whale-Like Yields with High Levels of Resin
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Product Details

Go ahead and laugh! We certainly did. No matter how funny you find the name, Cheesy Dick has made an impressive mark on the cannabis industry. This hybrid offers astounding yields combined with in-demand, old-school flavour and knockout results that the serious collector can’t afford to ignore. Before you know it, everyone will be asking you where they can get some Cheesy Dick!

Where Did Cheesy Dick Come From?

Once you hear the story, the name will make perfect sense. Big Buddha Seeds combined Spanish strain Moby Dick, a Jack Herer/Critical Mass hybrid, with their very own Big Buddha Cheese Feminized. Cheesy Dick Feminized inherited those whale-like yields and resinous trichomes from Moby Dick, and Big Buddha Cheese contributed the cheesy flavour and aroma.

A Whale of a Punch

If you’re looking to match yields with final results, Big Buddha Cheesy Dick is your solution! The aroma has been described as a musky, dank cream cheese, and the flavour is a spicy, old-school Indica. Cheesy Dick Feminized acts as good as she tastes with hard-hitting features that’ll leave you completely satisfied instead of looking for more within the hour. Just like this hybrid is meant for the serious collector, it’s also meant for the serious connoisseur. A mere newbie could never handle this kind of power!

Order Big Buddha Cheesy Dick Feminized Cannabis Seeds today!

When the Gorilla stops laughing, he’ll explain something to you. These descriptions are meant to be an entertaining take on the latest cannabis seeds, including Cheesy Dick. However, your order will look nothing like what we’ve discussed here. Instead, you will receive a full set of dormant cannabis seeds suitable for collection. Any cultivation or germination of cannabis seeds is prohibited per UK law.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Moby Dick X Big Budivha Cheese 'reversed'
Flowering Outdoors End of September
Mainly Indica Yes
Sativa / Indica ratio Indica 95% / sativa 5%
Big Buddha crossed Moby Dick and Big Buddha Cheese to create an Indica dominant, fast, hard hitter. All Big Buddha’s cannabis seeds are hard hitters, cheesy and the most famous cheese strains in the world. You’d be hard pushed to find a better breeder of sticky cheese strains, so why bother? Get the best cheese, right here now!