Big Buddha Buddha Haze Feminized

Buddha Haze Seeds Take Haze for a Tropical Spin!

Big Buddha Seeds

Tropical fresh and divinely spiritual, Buddha Haze has turned an old favourite into a contemporary hit! Infused with Haze and Mango, Buddha Haze satisfies your mind, your body and your spirit!
  • 90% Sativa to 10% Indica
  • Amnesia Haze x Manga Rosa
  • Big Buddha
  • Feminized
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About Big Buddha Buddha Haze Feminized

When Big Buddha Seeds got their hands on a cutting from the best Dutch Haze Holland has ever seen, also known as Amnesia Haze, G-13 Haze and Super Silver Haze, they made a brave choice. Instead of taking the safe route and backbreeding their new acquisition to feminize this proven classic, they decided to breath new life into this old favourite with a fresh infusion of genetic material.

Manga Rosa Pumped Fresh Blood into Buddha Haze

To liven things up, Big Buddha started looking around for a fresh strain that hadn’t been passed from breeder to breeder on the European front. The perfect choice, Manga Rosa, was found in Spain. Fresh off the boat from northeastern Brazil, this hard-hitting Sativa added a spiritual touch and a tropical flavour to a classic Haze favourite!

What’s All This Spiritual Talk?

This doesn’t mean you’ll start seeing spirits or have an uncontrollable urge to find the nearest religious group. Buddha Haze is almost all Sativa, and this means that it will affect the mind, soul, spirit or whatever you want to call it much more than the body. Described as uplifting, your spirit will soar when Buddha Haze is onboard! You’ll also enjoy the fresh tropical flavour and the pungent mango-haze fragrance.

Order Big Buddha Buddha Haze Feminized Cannabis Seeds Now!

The Gorilla gobbles up new cannabis strains faster than a ripe banana! But, he’d never let you eat it when it comes to Buddha Haze or any other product from our site. When you order, you’ll receive an authentic set of dormant cannabis seeds, but they won’t resemble the information provided on this page. Your items will be suitable for collection purposes, but you will be prohibited by law from germinating or cultivating the cannabis seeds in the UK and in many other countries.

Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Amnesia, G-13, Super silver haze X Manga Rosa S1.
Flowering Time 10-12 weeks
Flowering Outdoors Early November
Mainly Sativa Yes
Sativa / Indica ratio 90% Sativa / 10% Indica.
Big Buddha Haze is a powerful 90% Sativa and known as “the real spiritual Sativa”. Big Buddha is the notorious Cheese breeder from the UK, but his work is famous worldwide. Blue Cheese, Cheesus and Bubble Cheese are among the greatest Cheese strains known to man. Fancy a Pungent super cheese? Big Buddha’s the man!
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