Cookie Dawg

Fuel-Charged Buds Powered By 20% THC!

Big Head Seeds

Cookie Dawg combines the highly resinous Chemdawg with the ever-popular Girl Scout Cookies for a new 100% feminized seed with an unstoppable Type-A personality. This mixed hybrid hits all the highlights with massive power, incredible yields, easy manageability and enough resin to choke a bull mastiff. The smell? Smooth as silk with clear ribbons of vanilla and exotic nuts.
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Product Details

The Big Dawg At Big Head Seeds Does Not Disappoint!

Generation after generation of cannabis lovers have served up big, crystallized buds from Chemdawg without a single complaint. The same thing can be said for Girl Scout Cookies, even though she's a newcomer next to Chem. Combined, these genetics make Cookie Dawg practically unbeatable with a quality level that's second to none. She's got plenty of kick too thanks to a generous 20% THC level!

  • Cookie Dawg Needs 8 to 9 Weeks of Finish
  • Raging Power, Pleasant Highs That Last
  • Blue/Green Flowers with a Thick Coating of Red Pistils
  • Lots & Lots of Resin - Great For Extracts

Don't expect to get a classic Thin Mint flavour or smell from Cookie Dawg seeds. These flowers taste like pure fuel, and the smell is equally rich with strong threads of vanilla and exotic nuts on both the inhale and the exhale. Good times certainly await! This mixed hybrid offers functional relaxation, enhanced humour, and a massive case of the munchies for all.

What Are You Waiting For? Put This GSC X Chem Resin Factory In Your Bag Now!!!

NB: Don't commit a crime with your new Cookie Dawg Feminized Seeds! Germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in the UK and strictly prohibited by Big G.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Girl Scout Cookies X Chemdawg
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
THC V.Strong
THC notes 20%
Flavour Fuel
Aroma Sweet Earth
Greenhouse Yes
The founder of Big Head Seeds left his home in 1990 for a world-wide cannabis adventure. After nearly 20 years of high times, he joined forces with a Dutchman he met at Burning Man. They continued their travels, gathering genetics along the way until the formed Big Head Seeds in 2013 to spread the love and celebrate the work, hardships & sheer brilliance of those who had sacrificed it all to make legalization a real possibility. Buy your 5 or 10 pack of Big Head Seeds today!