Dogstar Dawg

Got What It Takes To Run With The Big Dawgs?

Big Head Seeds

At an astronomical 24% THC, Dogstar Dawg Seeds are too strong for most! The high is instant, long-lasting and incredibly strong with a social bent that's both euphoric and energizing, promising to bring lots of laughter & munchies to your life. It's the perfect weed seed for parties or any kind of get together. The taste & smell - practically all Diesel & very dank. You'll love this rocket ride!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Abundant Crystals
  • Diesel, Pine & Citrus
  • A One-Hit Wonder!
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Product Details

Another High THC Strain from the Chemdawg Line!

Dogstar Dawg is a strong sativa dominant hybrid from the Chemdawg line, coated in crystals like the starscape she is named after. Her mid-sized buds are a mix of light and dark green hues, with yellow and orange pistils.

Her smell hits you straight away, pungent diesel tones with some pine and citrus in the background, and then her thick smoke just ramps these diesel flavours up even further for some of the dankest smoke around. Dogstar Dawg Feminized Seeds are sure to be a hit with cannabis connoisseurs.

Her effects hit fast and hard and last a long time, with a big rush of sativa energy and euphoria, making it ideal for social occasions and outdoor activities. She often brings the munchies and the giggles making it a great party smoke.

For medicinal cannabis seed fans, Big Head Dogstar Dawg is great for appetite stimulation, depression, tiredness, stress and anxiety and has some pain relieving qualities as well.

Snatch Up Your Dogstar Dawg Feminized Seeds While The Snatching Is Good!

NB: If you're not a big fan of Diesel strains, no problem - Big Head & Big G still got your back with BubbleHead #13. These 100% feminized seeds taste like sweet Bubble Gum & they still have a totally satisfying 20% THC level!


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Chemdawg
THC V.Strong
THC notes 18 to 24% THC
Flavour Diesel
Aroma Diesel, Pine, Citrus
Mainly Sativa Yes
The founder of Big Head Seeds left his home in 1990 for a world-wide cannabis adventure. After nearly 20 years of high times, he joined forces with a Dutchman he met at Burning Man. They continued their travels, gathering genetics along the way until the formed Big Head Seeds in 2013 to spread the love and celebrate the work, hardships & sheer brilliance of those who had sacrificed it all to make legalization a real possibility. Buy your 5 or 10 pack of Big Head Seeds today!