Auto Bomb

Very Strong Auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds

Bomb Seeds

Bomb Seeds have kept Auto Bomb under wraps in a top secret location for way too long, they've finally released this top quality auto-flowering strain and our first impressions are very good indeed.
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Autoflowering Hybrid
  • Strong & Potent
  • High Yields - Massive!
  • Ready in 65 Days
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Product Details

Auto Bomb is the Largest Yielding Auto to Date!


Until now, multi-ounce autoflowering seeds were pipe dreams. Now, you can make all your wildest fantasies come true with the truly impressive Auto Bomb by the one & only Bomb Seeds. The testers were blown away by this cannabis seed and we promise you will be too!


So, how did they do it? The Bomb Seeds' breeders took their signature Bomb #1, crossed it with the best Ruderalis they could find, then backcrossed that outstanding mix with a very trippy Haze to make it even more outrageous. The results? Nothing short of mindblowing!

  • Auto Bomb Only Needs 65 Days from Seed
  • THC Goes As High as 15%
  • Play Your Cards Right & You Could Get 60 gr/seed!
  • All Around Good Buzz with a Definite Stone

Auto Bomb Seeds deliver everything you're not used to getting in the typical automatic including high THC levels, massive yields & full-bodied flavours without losing the ultra-fast finishes & extreme ease that make these babies a first-timer's BSF - that's Best Seed Forever!

Think you'll have to pay out the wazoo for an automatic seed that has everything the others lack? Not when you shop at Gorilla Seeds! The Gorilla has your back with the best weed seeds on earth at the lowest prices in the universe - you won't get better deals anywhere including Mars, Venus or the Dog Star.

Don't Delay - Buy Your Genuine Auto Bomb Seeds Today!


NB: These beans are most definitely the bomb diggity, but that doesn't mean you can start your very own Auto Bomb grow. That would be most illegal & could put you in the slammer for way longer than the 65 days these explosive beauties take to finish. Just saying.



Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics (Bomb #1 X Ruderalis) X Haze
Flowering Time Autoflowering
THC Average
THC notes 10 to 15%
Height Info short
Height notes Varies between 30 and 85cm
Auto flowering Yes
Autoflowering Cycle 65 Days
Flowering Outdoors May-Oct
Yield Average
Indoor Yield 250 to 400 gr/m2
Yield Notes 250 to 400 gr/m2 or 30 to 60 gr/seed
Greenhouse Yes
Auto Bomb is a high yielding, Autoflowering strain with a stoney all round high. Bomb Seeds produce some of the highest yielding cannabis strains on the market - they weren’t messing about when they named them. Atomic Bomb, Berry Bomb and Hash Bomb are some of the most explosive seeds you can own. Get yours now!