Kush Bomb

Power, Yield & Flavour - Ready January 2014!

Bomb Seeds

Kush Bomb is yet another winning combination by super-breeder Bomb Seeds. This time, they took a superior SoCal Kush & crossed it with their own Big Bomb to keep that distinct citrus/fuel flavour & outrageous THC level while boosting yields through the roof. This truly is a perfect hybrid - you'll love this drought-buster!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Knockout Power
  • Intense Physical Effects
  • Citrus/Diesel Flavour
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Product Details

25% THC | 700 gr/m2 | 7 Weeks | Thick Resin | Full Diesel Flavour

With that list of features, Kush Bomb practically sells itself! These weed seeds won't be ready until January 2014, but we're already predicting they'll be hard to get. Keep an eye out after New Year's so you don't miss out!

Kush Bomb Seeds are the perfect mix of knock-out power, commercial-grade yields & connoisseur quality. They deliver an unmistakable Kush flavour that mixes intense citrus with greasy Diesel fuel for a taste that's practically addictive.

  • Top-Rated Flavour Meets Maximum Potency
  • Commercial Grade - Connoisseur Quality
  • Fast Finishes - Unbelievable Yield

With a 700 gr/m2 rating inside, you'll have plenty of chances to find out exactly why Kush drives Cali stoners wild! Outside, Kush Bomb is a real monster with even bigger yields.

By the end of the 7 to 9 week finish, Kush Bomb Feminized will be covered in a thick layer of resin crystals that you'd have to be blind to miss. Lab tests measure the power levels at 20 to 25% THC under optimal conditions.

Let's cut to the chase & talk about what you really want to know - Bomb Seeds Kush Bomb jumps right to your head on the intake before travelling down your body to settle in for hours of deep, stoned-to-the-bone relaxation that some would call medicinal, and we have to agree!

While you're waiting for Kush Bomb to get here, check out the rest of the Bomb Seeds lineup. The Gorilla has priced them extra low and he's ready to ship 'em right to your door - or your safe addy. Ready to seed up?

Order Kush Bomb Cannabis Seeds & Experience Maximum Power!

NB: By the sounds of it, a single Kush Bomb grow could set you up for the foreseeable future, but don't risk it. Germination & cultivation of cannabis seeds are not only prohibited by Gorilla Seeds, both practices are illegal almost everywhere.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics SoCal Kush X Big Bomb
Flowering Time 7-10 weeks
THC V.Strong
THC notes 20 to 25%
Medical Yes
Height notes 90 to 130 cm
Flavour Citrus & Diesel Fuel
Aroma Strong
Flowering Outdoors September or October
Yield Good
Indoor Yield 600 to 700 gr/m2
Outdoor Yield The Sky's the Limit!
Greenhouse Yes
Bomb Seeds doesn't beat around the bush - they've created the most explosive line of cannabis seeds on the planet with names that leave little to the imagination. If you want maximum volume, go with Big Bomb. Ready for rock-hard fire? Check out THC Bomb. No matter what you're searching for, Bomb Seeds will give you way more than you ever dreamed possible. Expand your horizons with genuine Bomb Seeds! These babies do exactly what they say - no exceptions, no excuses, no problems.