Monkey Bomb

Perfectly Balanced High with great yields & high THC

Bomb Seeds

Bomb Seeds Monkey Bomb is a great producer with an all-rounded high. Experience high yields, with fast flowering times. The Gorilla loves monkeys!
  • Monkey Bomb Cannabis Seeds
  • Medium/Tall (100-180cm)
  • 8-9 Weeks flowering

About Monkey Bomb

Monkey Bomb is one of Bomb Seeds Latest Strains. Monkey Bomb is a perfectly balanced hybrid capturing the best traits from both worlds. A medium to tall strain with high THC and impressive yields, with a well-balanced indica sativa stone. 9 weeks until harvest from turning, the wait is well worth it.

  • Bomb Seeds Monkey bomb
  • 50% Sativa 50% Indica
  • 22% THC
  • 500g-600g/m² Yields

The Monkey bomb high is heavy and narcotic, the Gorilla Bomb with Cookies and Cream Parents gives potency and delicious flavors. The high is a strong body high with an equal sativa head high. Consuming high quantities of monkey bomb will provide deep relaxation and couch lock, moderate consumption is good for reducing stress and calming your head.

Bomb seeds recommend topping this plant regularly producing an even canopy and increased bud sites to keep this plant a medium-sized high producer. Rock solid buds have vivid orange hairs which contrast greatly against the green foliage.

Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Gorilla Bomb with Cookies and Cream
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
THC Strong
THC notes 19%-22%
Height Info medium
Height notes Medium/Tall (100-180cm)
Aroma sweet vanilla
Flowering Outdoors Early Oct
Yield Good
Indoor Yield 500g-600g/m²
Yield Notes 500g-600g/m²)
Greenhouse Yes
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