Widow Bomb Feminised

Bomb Seeds

Take a near perfect White Widow, give it to Bomb Seeds, let them do their magic - now you have the new improved Widow bomb
  • White Widow X Bomb #1
  • V. Strong 20% + THC
  • Ready in 8-10 Weeks

About Widow Bomb Feminised

How can you improve something that's perfect.

In the eyes of Bomb Seeds, nothing is perfect! Bomb Seeds took a rather perfect White Widow father and crossed with their Bomb #1 and then backcrossed with a White Widow mother making a super stable and uniform Widow Bomb. The resultant Widow Bomb had improved yield, THC and taste.

Crystal formation on Widow Bomb is outstandingly good  - leave this one for 10 weeks and you will see exactly what we are describing. The buds are rock hard and dense, check for mould on a regular basis as these get really big. Branches may need support due to the heavy weight. 

Widow Bomb is a compact strain with exceedingly good THC ratings.

Please note that this description for Widow Bomb is based on the original description provided by Bomb Seeds based on the mother plant from which these seeds were derevived. Cultivation of Cannabis is illegal and cannabis seeds are sold for collection only. Dont forget to checkout our legal disclaimer for more information on the illegalities of growing cannabis.

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Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics White Widow X Bomb #1
Flowering Time 8-10 weeks
THC V.Strong
THC notes 20-25%
Height notes 90-140cm
Flowering Outdoors Sep-Oct
Yield Notes 450-550g/m²
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