THC Bomb


Bomb Seeds

This is the regular non feminized version of Bomb Seeds THC Bomb. Very Stong, massive yields and a good all rounder.
  • 25% THC - Strongest!
  • 650 g/m2 Yeidl
  • 7 Weeks Flowering
  • Rare Collector
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Product Details

Extreme 25% THC with impressive 650 g/m2 yields

THC Bomb, Bomb's Seeds original signature strain with it's massive rock buds and super strong THC levels coupled with top quality made it very popular.

THC Bomb's Genetics were developed to be special with focus on yield, THC, taste and speed.

This is THC Bomb regular non-feminised seeds sold as 10 seeds per pack. It is illegal to germinate cannabis seeds, seeds are sold for genetic collection and legal purposes only. Orders for stupid large quantities of seeds are suspicious and will be cancelled. Please respect the law.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Flowering Time 7-10 weeks
THC V.Strong
THC notes Very High (20-25%)
Height Info short
Height notes Short (65-90cm)
Flowering Outdoors Sep-Oct
Yield Good
Yield Notes Very High (550-650g/m²)
Sativa / Indica ratio Mix
Bomb Seeds doesn't beat around the bush - they've created the most explosive line of cannabis seeds on the planet with names that leave little to the imagination. If you want maximum volume, go with Big Bomb. Ready for rock-hard fire? Check out THC Bomb. No matter what you're searching for, Bomb Seeds will give you way more than you ever dreamed possible. Expand your horizons with genuine Bomb Seeds! These babies do exactly what they say - no exceptions, no excuses, no problems.