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Those 3 Little Letters Make All The Difference!

CBD is much more important than THC for true medicinal marijuana seeds. The seeds listed in this section are described by breeders as CBD Strainsl. Do Yourself a Favour - purchase A High CBD Strain Today, and Preserve Genetics for the future!

Germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in the UK unless you have an appropriate license issued from the home office. However, the collection and storage of cannabis genetics in seed form in the UK is 100% legal. Information on cannabis seeds is for information purposes only and describes the cannabis genetics only, it is not intended to encourage anyone to cultivate cannabis or illegal and/or controlled substances. If you are from outside the UK, please check the laws in your own country before placing an order.

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The Weed Seed that Doesn't Really Get You High - It Does Something Much Better!

What? No high? What dumbass came up with that? Believe it or not, there's a growing population of true MMJ patients who want exactly that. Newly developed high CBD strains have a high amount of cannabidiol in relation to THC to reduce the mental psychoactivity (eliminates anxiety & paranoia), enhance the healing properties & induce a pleasant, calm, dreamlike state that mends your body, your mind & your soul.

  • High CBD Strains Are the Best MMJ
  • Deep, Effective Therapeutic Potential
  • Reduces Memory Loss, Anxiety & Paranoia

Because CBD is present in such small percentages, the THC is going to look really low to traditional cannabis fans. For example, CBD Crew's Shark Shock Feminized has an unheard of 6% CBD, but the THC is also 6% - something most modern stoners wouldn't even consider.

High CBD strains are a godsend if you suffer from just about anything MMJ typically helps with. They won't blow your mind, but that's kind of the point. In fact, the US National Cancer Society has found that CBD can inhibit or even kill cancer cells in a lab setting. Can you dig it?

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