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Named for the fiery chariot that the ancient mystics used to ascend to a higher plane, Merkabah is a true homage to the weed gods. Energizing, creative & soooo motiviating, these Sativa-dominant cannabis seeds are a great way to unglue your bum from the couch & live life to the fullest. This OG Kush/Afghani hybrid is incredibly fast for a 90% Sativa with a 64-day finish & monster yields.
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • 90% Sativa: 10% Indica
  • Up to 500 gr/m2
  • 64-Day Finishes
  • Buy Merkabah Today!

About Merkabah

Get Off Your Ass & On Your Feet - The Merkabah Way!

How do you get a snoozing Gorilla to pack cannabis seeds at 6 AM? Fuel that bad boy up with some highly energetic Merkabah Seeds! With this near-pure Sativa on board, he'll be done in a flash!

If you've fallen into a rut or imbibed in a little too much couchlock, Merkabah can get you up & moving just like our Gorilla! Even the finishes are fast with this motivational cannabis seed - just 64 days after the flip is all you'll need to reach truly stupendous yields.

  • Merkabah is a Fast-Finishing, High-Yielding Sativa
  • Complex Flavours - Sour, Fruit, Herbal
  • Sandalwood Aroma Meets Kush's Oily Bouquet

Delta 9 Labs created Merkabah Cannabis Seeds by crossing an elite SFV OG Kush with a pure landrace Afghani from Kandahar. Extremely stable & uniform, this fierce beast stays reasonably short with lots of nodes to hold the mass quantities of light green, velvety smooth buds that arrive by the end.

The Gorilla puts all that extra energy to good use by bopping any breeder who won't drop their prices right over the head with a green banana. That's how Gorilla Seeds manages to give you the best deals on the net on Merkabah or any of our other premium marijuana seeds. How great is that?

Buy Your Merkabah Seeds Today & Let The Gorilla Be Your Muse!

NB: Germination & cultivation of cannabis seeds is a crime in most parts of the world. Read up on your local ordinances before placing an order. If you plan to break the law, don't buy our beans!

Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics SFV OG Kush X Kandahar Afghani
Flowering Time 9 weeks
Flavour Sour, Fruit, Herbs
Yield Good
Yield Notes Up to 500 gr/m2
Mainly Sativa Yes
Sativa / Indica ratio 90% Sativa: 10% Indica
For top-rated, medical-grade marijuana seeds, look no further than Delta 9 Labs. This seed company was founded by registered, card-carrying MMJ patients who know exactly what it takes to create high-potency beans with the strongest therapeutic capabilities. Delta 9 runs a 100% Earth-friendly operation with a clear focus on quality, consistency and extreme power and a wide selection of fully tested, completely organic medical seeds that deliver exactly what you're after. How great is that?
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