Fruit of the Gods

A Divine Mix of Premium Genetics

Delta 9 Labs

To create Fruit of the Gods, Delta 9 mixed a 1990's Dutch NL5 Haze with a 1988 Skunk #1 to give birth to a brand-new cannabis seed fit for the weed gods themselves. If you crave soaring head highs & amazing flavour, this is your next go-to strain. Do it just right & F.O.G. will grace you with a majestic display of royal purple by the end of the 84-day finish.
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Sativa Dominant
  • Intense Flavour
  • Potent Medicinal Seed
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Product Details

The Intense Fruit Flavour Made This Name a No-Brainer!

With one taste, the Delta 9 crew knew exactly what to call this Sativa-dominant powerhouse. Fruit of the Gods has a surprisingly strong fruit flavour that shines through the spicy Haze bite to make these cannabis seeds good enough for the weed gods themselves!

Nicknamed F.O.G., Fruit of the Gods is a stunning marijuana seed that often turns a deep purple hue when exposed to cold night air. The finish may test your patience before the 84 days are up, but the abundant supply of top-quality smoke will make you glad you hung in there. Buy yours today!

The Gorilla says Fruit of the Gods is worth its weight in gold-plated bananas, but that doesn't mean they cost a bundle. You always get top-quality weed seeds for cheap when you shop at Gorilla Seeds.

Buy Your Fruit of the Gods Seeds Today - They've Never Been Cheaper!

Even if you're a weed god, you're not above the law when it comes to cannabis seeds. Keep those beans nice & dry to avoid any problems with the local authorities! Remember, cultivation is illegal almost everywhere.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics NL5 Haze X Skunk #1
Flowering Time 12 weeks
Medical Yes
Medical Cannabis Info Headaches
Height notes Over 1 Meter
Flavour Haze & Fruit
Mainly Sativa Yes
Greenhouse Yes
For top-rated, medical-grade marijuana seeds, look no further than Delta 9 Labs. This seed company was founded by registered, card-carrying MMJ patients who know exactly what it takes to create high-potency beans with the strongest therapeutic capabilities. Delta 9 runs a 100% Earth-friendly operation with a clear focus on quality, consistency and extreme power and a wide selection of fully tested, completely organic medical seeds that deliver exactly what you're after. How great is that?