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Mekong Haze is as pure as the day she was plucked from exotic Vietnam. If you have the patience for her extended 18-week finish, you'll be rewarded handsomely with some truly zen-like smoke. Otherwise, add this rare classic cannabis seed to your collection as high-quality breeding stock for your very own F1 hybrids.
  • Regular Cannabis Seeds
  • Pure Landrace Sativa
  • 450 to 600 gr/m2 Yields
  • Great for Breeding
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About Mekong Haze


Wish you had more patience for the finer things in life? Mekong Haze Seeds are the perfect way to learn that important lesson. As your patience is rewarded over the course of her extended 18-week finish, you will finally learn that good things really do come to those who wait.

  • Mekong Haze Takes Between 15 and 18 Weeks
  • Bursting with Cambodian Goodness
  • Yields 450-600 gr/m2

Packed with flavor, Mekong Haze sports an earthy, sandalwood flavour with a refined pungency. So pure you can almost taste the jungle, this cerebral Sativa dances around in your brain. She's perfect for those philosophical, metaphysical or deeply intellectual conversations that keep you up until dawn. You know - bullshit sessions with your mates.

Buying your seeds from Gorilla and Delta 9 is a great way to get the best possible value because every marijuana seed is backed by our low-price guarantee! Plus, we toss in discreet packaging & rapid delivery with every order.

Live Life to the Fullest - Do What You Do with Mekong Haze Seeds!

Mekong Haze might make you feel like you're in weed-friendly Southeast Asia, but you, my friend, are not. Keep it strictly legal with absolutely no cultivation, germination or growing of cannabis seeds for your own safety.

Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Pure Southeast Asian Sativa - Landrace
Flowering Time 12 weeks
Height Info tall
Flavour Sandalwood with Earthy Tones
Aroma Sandalwood with Earthy Tones
Yield Good
Yield Notes 450-600 gr/m2
Sativa / Indica ratio 100% Sativa
For top-rated, medical-grade marijuana seeds, look no further than Delta 9 Labs. This seed company was founded by registered, card-carrying MMJ patients who know exactly what it takes to create high-potency beans with the strongest therapeutic capabilities. Delta 9 runs a 100% Earth-friendly operation with a clear focus on quality, consistency and extreme power and a wide selection of fully tested, completely organic medical seeds that deliver exactly what you're after. How great is that?
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