Cannalope Haze

aka "Cantaloupe Haze" aka "Cannalope Haze Premium"

DNA Genetics

DNA's Hard-hitting 95% Pure Sativa flowers in 8-9 weeks produce yields of 500-600 g/m2. Buds are coated with resin makes this ideal for concentrates and hash making. Expect surreal DNA Genetics quality as per usual - expect nothing else from DNA
  • 95% Sativa
  • Heavy Yields 
  • Very Thick Resin - Hash Heaven
  • Fast Flowering - 8-9 weeks
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Product Details

Watch Out - Cannalope Haze Is  a heavy one hit wonder!

Cannalope Haze is DNA Genetic's hard hitting heavy yielding almost pure sativa (95% Sativa).Cannalope haze developed from crossing Original Haze with DNA Genetics hand selected Mexican landrace. The resultant Cannalope haze has a rapid 8-9 weeks  Flowering time with delicious tropical melon and floral flavors. Buds are very smooth,tasty and morish.

  • Cannalope Haze Flowering Time = 8 to 9 Weeks
  • 95% Sativa - almost pure sativa!
  • Heavy Yeilds 500-600 g/m2 - Jesus!
  • Hard hitting eye ball rolling THC levels
Cannalope Haze induced a strong cerebral high accompanied by an underlying body buzz and energy boost. Medically good for those suffering from fatigue and anxiety problems,als good for resolving appetite loss.

Heavy resin production make it great for producing concentrates and hash making.

Order Your Cannalope Haze Seeds Today & Experience Hash Heaven! 

NB: Don't be blind to the facts of life! A Cannalope Haze grow is illegal in most places including the UK. Doing so could land you in the pen for an extended holiday. Just saying - think about the time before doing the crime! - Dont grow cannabis, its illegal!



Cannabis Genetics Haze Brothers x Mexican (Michoacán)
Flowering Time 8 weeks
Yield Notes Yield: 500-600 g/m2
Sativa / Indica ratio 95% Sativa | 5% Indica

DNA Genetics processes the very best cannabis genetics in the world - Gorilla has been serving DNA genetics cannabis seeds for over 13 years and can vouch for them being of the elitist and highest qualities out there.