Holy Grail Kush

Meet DNA's Perfect Strain - Just Ask the HTCC Judges!

DNA Genetics

At the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup, DNA Genetics' Holy Grail Kush proved that she's a prize worthy of pursuing no matter what the cost. Not only did she win the best hybrid, but she also earned the absolute first perfect score HTCC has ever handed out. Sheer perfection doesn't even begin to describe these righteous feminized seeds!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Championship Genetics
  • Extremely Strong
  • Highly Aromatic - Not Stealthy
  • Truly Amazing Flavour
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Product Details

If Holy Grail Kush was the Last Weed Seed on Earth …

… you wouldn't have a thing to complain about! DNA Genetics pulled out all the stops to create Holy Grail Kush Seeds - they crossed their two best championship strains, Kosher Kush & The OG #18, for a filter-busting new blend that simply can't be matched, let alone beat. This is, most definitely, the end-all, be-all of cannabis seeds!

  • Holy Grail Kush Flowering Time = 9 Weeks
  • Indoor Yields are an Astonishing 500 to 650 gr/m2
  • Stonking Big, Extremely Resinous, Perfectly Formed Buds
  • HTCC & Spannabis Champion - Yowza!

The Holy Grail Kush Strain is great for all experience levels with a superior bud structure, incredible yields, mouth-watering flavour & an aroma that'll run you straight out the house. It goes without saying that the power is shockingly strong - but we're going to mention it anyway. Get these 100% feminized seeds today & find out why the judges at the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup gave this amazing bean an absolutely perfect score!

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Order Your Holy Grail Kush Seeds Today & Start Your Crusade!

NB: Hell bent on starting your own Holy Grail Kush grow? Not with these beans, you won't! To comply with UK law, Gorilla Seeds sells all cannabis seeds as collectible souvenirs, so don't even think about getting them wet!


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Kosher Kush X The OG #18
Flowering Time 9 weeks
THC Strong
Cannabis Cup 2011 High Times, 2012 Spannabis
Cup Winner Yes
Yield Good
Yield Notes 500 to 650 gr/m2
Greenhouse Yes

Holy Grail Kush is an HTCC-winning cannabis seed bred by DNA Genetics. Based in Amsterdam with an American background, DNA Genetics has a wide selection of feminized seeds that include an astounding number of Cup winners. If you're looking for fire, you won't go wrong with a DNA Genetics seed. Order yours today!