Jumping Black Dash Auto

Medical Grade Power - Sugary Grape Flavours

Dr Krippling

For decades, Black Domina has been the gold standard for devastating physical stones, so it stands to reason that Jumping Black Dash Auto is a real killer! This fully autoflowering seed version of the original medical marvel is very potent at 17% THC & way faster at 80 to 85 days from seed. The flavour lost nothing - it's sweet & grapey.
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Fully Automatic Hybrid
  • Sweet Grape Flavour
  • Potent with 17% THC
  • Fast - 80 to 85 Days
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Product Details

Dr Krippling Always has the Best Medicinal Seeds!

And, Jumping Black Dash Automatic is no exception! These fully autoflowering seeds are rockin' & rollin' with incredibly high THC values & they don't f*ck around when it comes to speed. From the time you crack the good doc's breeder pack, these potent, grape-flavoured goodies can be done in just 80 to 85 days total. Amazing!

  • Jumping Black Dash is Done in 80-85 Days!
  • Amazing Flavour - Sweet, Candy-Like Grape Taste
  • Potent & Hard-Hitting - 17% THC!
  • Above Average Heights - Up to 130 cm Inside or 150 cm Outside

Bud formation & quality is spectacular with Dr Krippling's Jumping Black Dash Auto! The nuggets are fat & hard from top to bottom with a solid structure that makes it difficult to pry them apart. Give these marijuana seeds plenty of ventilation to avoid rot or mould if you're in a humid region & clean up any spills. If you do it right, you'll be well pleased when the clock winds down to zero!

Jumping Black Dash Autoflowering Seeds are the mutt's nutts, but so is everything else The Gorilla has stashed away. If you'd like to find more outstanding choices in the automatic category, check out our high-performance section. You won't believe what these powerhouses can do!

Snag Your Jumping Black Dash Auto Seeds Today - You'll Be Slap Happy That You Did!

NB: Gorilla Seeds sells all cannabis seeds including Jumping Black Dash Auto strictly as souvenirs with no germination or cultivation allowed. It's illegal, you know.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Automatic Black Domina
Flowering Time Autoflowering
THC Strong
THC notes 17% THC
Height Info tall
Height notes 90-130 cm Inside, 100-150 cm Outside
Auto flowering Yes
Autoflowering Cycle 80 to 85 Days from Seed
Flavour Sweets & Grape
Greenhouse Yes
Jumping Black Dash Auto is a medicinal autoflowering seed bred by Dr Krippling. The Dr Krippling brand is a relatively new outfit based in London that specializes in creating feminized & fully automatic seeds with exaggerated traits including insane power levels, crazy-high yields & over-the-top effects. Avoid disappointment - order your genuine Dr Krippling Seeds today!