Krippleberry Auto

The Doctor Says Blueberries Are Good For You!

Dr Krippling

Always follow your doctor's advice to the T! And, Dr Krippling recommends taking two puffs of Krippleberry Auto & NOT calling him in the morning. This incredible version of Auto Blueberry is ready to rock & roll with fast 60-70 day finishes & a very generous 16% THC. Of course, lush berry flavour is a given - get yours today!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Blueberry Autoflowering
  • Smooth & Flavourful
  • Pleasant Aromas - Intense
  • 16% THC - 70 Days or Less

About Krippleberry Auto

Everything a Good Blueberry Should Be … And Then Some!

When DJ Short put out his first fruity-tasting Blueberry strain, he had no idea it would ever reach Krippleberry Automatic's level! This astounding autoflowering seed can pump out massive proportions of tight, dense bunds in just 60 to 70 days from marijuana seed without losing one iota of taste or smell. This is the good stuff!

  • Krippleberry Auto Finishes in
  • Incredible Bag Appeal!
  • Eye-Catching Colours
  • Soft Berry Aromas - Smooth!

Dr Krippling's Krippleberry Auto Seeds don't lose a thing when it comes to power either. These amazing 100% feminized seeds contain a full 16% THC when allowed to reach their full potential. That's plenty of punch for all but the most tolerant tokers - and even they will get something out of this tasty weed seed. Enjoy!

If you're not a fan of Krippleberry Autoflowering Seeds, The Gorilla's going to want to toss your bum right out in the street, so don't tell him. Instead, check out one of our photoperiod strains instead like Dutch Passion's Blueberry Feminized Seeds. They're the real deal!

Buy Your Krippleberry Seeds Today & Get Your Blue On!

NB: These cannabis seeds sound so good you'll be sorely tempted to try your own Krippleberry Auto grow, but be warned! That would be illegal & could land you somewhere that would end up with you having a different kind of sore. Jail time isn't fun time!

Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Automatic Blueberry
Flowering Time Autoflowering
THC Strong
THC notes 16% THC
Height Info medium
Height notes 50 to 100 cm inside, 70-116 cm outside
Auto flowering Yes
Autoflowering Cycle 60 to 70 Days from Seed
Flavour Blueberry
Aroma Intense
Greenhouse Yes
Krippleberry Auto is a delicious cannabis seed propagated by the Dr Krippling Seed Company. Based in London where they appreciate such things, Dr Krippling is a 100% legal company with actual breeding done in other European countries with more favorable laws. The power level of these feminized seeds is outstanding, and so are all their other traits. Buy your genuine Dr Krippling Seeds today!
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