Patel's Cornershop Special

You Won't Find This At Your Local Shoppe!

Dr Krippling

When Dr Krippling got his hands on a gifted Patel's OG Kush, he couldn't wait to mix that crystal-covered powerhouse with his very own Delhi Friend. Combined with precision, this new blend is simply brilliant - very potent with a smooth, heavy smoke that smells like citrus and hash. The flavour? Like the finest sweet's from Patel's Corner Shop at #1 Green Street, of course. You think they might have a little something, something behind the counter?
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • OG Kush Genetics
  • Very Strong - 18% THC
  • Sweet as Candy!
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Product Details

Ever Wondered What Patel's Got Behind That Counter?

Apparently, that old geezer had a massive, super potent OG Kush lurking back there in the corner all along. No wonder he always had a big smile on his face! Once Dr Krippling got his hands on that killer Indica, he wasted no time in paring it up with his own Delhi Friend to pump out some super-potent Patel's Cornershop Special Cannabis Seeds. She's new for 2017, but this looks like Dr K's new best seller!

  • Patel's Cornershop Special THC = 18%
  • Flowering Time Ranges from 7 to 8 Weeks
  • Sweet Flavour with a Citrus/Hash Aroma
  • Branchy & Bushy with Short Nodes

Dr Krippling's Patel's Cornershop Special Strain is truly impressive with Indica-dominant genetics that are robust from the start. These 100% feminized seeds maintain a mid-range height that's easy to manage, but there's nothing short about the yields - 750 gr/m2 inside or well past a full kilo per weed seed outside. Now, that's truly special!

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NB: Patel's Cornershop Special is quite a mouthful! If you don't like the ring of that name, we've got all of Dr Krippling's ptent wares including his other new cannabis seed - Mong-U-Mental. Get yours today!


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Delhi Friend X Patel's OG Kush
Flowering Time 7-8 weeks
THC Strong
THC notes 18% tHC
Height Info medium
Height notes 60 cm Outdoors, 1.2 m Greenhouse
Flavour Very Sweet
Aroma Citrus & Hash
Flowering Outdoors Mid October
Yield Good
Indoor Yield 225 to 750 gr/m2
Outdoor Yield 30 to 650 gr/seed Outside, 60 to 1000 gr/seed Greenhouse
Mainly Indica Yes
Greenhouse Yes
From Gloucester Street, London to The Gorilla's super-secret Seed Store, Dr Krippling is always on the case. With a passion & commitment to weed genetics that's impossible to match, Dr Krippling is always on the hunt for the next super producer, and he's found dozens so far. If you're looking for next-generation marijuana seeds that push the very boundaries of reason, get your genuine Dr Krippling Seeds today. They're awesome!