Dutch Passion Blue Moonshine Feminized


Dutch Passion

An intoxicating Indica, Blue Moonshine will knock your socks off! With a single whiff, its hashy persona and award-winning genetics will more than satisfy your cravings for the hard stuff.
  • 9 Weeks to Maturity
  • A Non-Commercial Connoisseur Strain
  • Dutch Passion
  • Extra Resinous and Hashy
  • Feminized
  • Multiple Award Winner
  • Member of the Famous Blue Family
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Product Details


Blue Moonshine Feminized is a hard-working Indica that’ll never let you down! Unlike many other cannabis strains, this one was not developed for commercial purposes. Yields are a little low, but Blue Moonshine more than makes up for it in quality. If you’re looking for a boutique strain that never stops giving, this is your girl!

Blue Moonshine – The Big Baby of the Blue Family

The Blue family is a curious mix. Every variety in this group includes the same basic genetic mix: Oaxacan Gold, Highland Thai, Chocolate Thai and Afghani Indica. However, the breeders discovered how to manipulate the crosses to emphasize the most desirable traits while retaining the signature colours and flavours that have made this exclusive club famous. To set Dutch Passion Blue Moonshine Feminized apart from her siblings, this hybrid includes a higher percentage of Afghani Indica than the rest. 

A Gorgeous Blue Colour and an Even Better Flavour!

Blue Moonshine is known for dense, hard trichomes covered in sticky resin crystals. In the days when hash ruled the planet, our girl Blue was a very popular femme fatale. Although this short, stout variety thrives in any environment, it requires a touch of cold to develop that trademark blue colour. Regardless of temperature levels, both the flavour and aroma have been described as a delectable mixture of sweet, fruity and spicy that make your primary senses tingle in anticipation. 

Blue Moonshine Wins Again!

This strain took second place for Best Indica at the High Life Barcelona competition in 2007 and continues to take first place in the hearts of many cannabis connoisseurs! With short cycles, quality results and a long-lasting, pain-relieving effect, who can blame anyone for falling in love with Blue Moonshine? 

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Indoor Yes
Cannabis Cup High Life Barcelona 2007
Cup Winner Yes
Height notes 80cm
Flowering Outdoors Mid Nov
Yield Average
Mainly Indica Yes
Over the past quarter century, Dutch Passion has set itself apart as one of the best breeders in Amsterdam with an award-winning line that includes the world's most highly sought-after strains & hybrids like Original Blueberry, Master Kush & commercial-grade Holland's Hope. Dutch Passion led the way to create fully feminized seeds in 1998, a development that certainly changed the game for small-scale collectors & hobbiests. Why not step up to the best genetics on earth? Order your authentic Dutch Passion Seeds today!