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Dutch Passion

Turn your world into a cannabis rainbow with Colour Mix 1. This set delivers power, volume and beauty all rolled up in a neat little package. For a very affordable price, you'll get pink-studded Frisian Dew, golden-hued Passion #1 & super-sexy, bright purple Shaman. If that won't spruce up that wall of green, we don't know what will!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • 3 Distinct Strains
  • Indica & Sativa
  • Outdoor Powerhouses
  • Proven Yielders
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The Dutch Passion Colour Mix 1 Feminized collection adds three powerful new cannabis strains to your life. Each cannabis variety has been hand-picked to provide a wide selection of characteristics, outstanding performance in an outdoor venue and the most colourful display possible. If you crave variety, Colour Mix 1 Feminized is an economical short-cut to complete satisfaction.

Frisian Dew - The Most Attractive Strain Ever

Frisian Dew Feminized is a lovely hybrid featuring large, Christmas-tree trichomes studded with jewel-like, purple fronds that put the most exotic tropical blooms to shame. This strain took first prize for Outdoor seeds in the High Life Holland 2008 competition and continues to deliver hardy, high-yielding results. To create Frisian Drew Feminized, the breeders crossed a Purple Star male with a Super Skunk female.

Passion #1 - A Lusty Indica

Passion #1 Feminized is an Indica-dominant variety first seen on the Pacific Coast of California during the '70s. About a decade later, this lusty lady made her way to the commercial fields of Holland, and the rest is history. When this part of Colour Mix 1 Feminized is savored, the flavour is soft and citrusy with a very relaxing effect. This is an easy strain with long, compact trichomes that glow with golden crystals.

Shaman - A Sensual Sativa

Shaman Feminized adds a welcome touch of Sativa to your collection. First seen in the '80s, this variety is a proven strain that consistently delivers a potent result. The product of crossbreeding a Skunk mother with a Purple #1 father, this hybrid adds even more bright purple to your environment. The aroma is often described as woody, sweet and smooth while the final effects are invigorating and sensual.

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NB: The Gorilla Seed Bank sells cannabis seeds, including the Colour Mix 1 Feminized set, for souvenir purposes only. Cultivation or any other illegal use is strictly prohibited. Your order will contain official cannabis seeds from a top breeder, but they won’t resemble this description.


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The Colour Mix 1 Outdoor collection of feminized cannabis seeds is a value-packed part of the Dutch Passion line. Since 1998, the Dutch Passion Seed Company has been creating award-winning, crowd-pleasing strains of the highest quality. Many have went on to win major awards like the High Times Cannabis Cup, High Life & Spannabis, and they're always favourites with the Gorilla Seeds crew. Try some today - you will not be disappointed!