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Dutch Passion

Get your money's worth and more with Colour Mix 4 Feminized. This exceptional indoor collection of cannabis seeds gives 'til it hurts!
  • Blueberry, Orange Bud, Mazar
  • Dutch Passion
  • Feminized
  • Great for Indoors
  • Three of the Hottest Strains
  • The Most Potent Indica Varieties
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Original Blueberry – A Cannabis Cup Winner

Blueberry Feminized, a winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup, has been a best-selling strain since the 1970s. An Indica-dominant hybrid developed by crossing Thai and Oaxacan parents, this cannabis legend provides a sweet fragrance and a fruity flavour that really does taste like fresh berries. One look at the lovely blue-purple colour and you’ll instantly fall in love with this old-school classic!

Orange Bud – A Refreshing Pop of Flavour

Orange Bud Feminized features crystal-coated trichomes studded with rich, burnt-orange fibers. A beautiful skunk hybrid, this strain is one of the original Skunk varieties that lit the world on fire so many years ago. Enjoy a refreshing mix of ripe orange and nectarine flavours when you savor Orange Bud. This one pops with energy, a great choice if you’re on the go.

Mazar – Winner of the Highlife Cup

Winner of both the Highlife Cup and the Tipo Forte competitions, Mazar Feminized is hard to beat! This variety is another Indica-dominant strain with both Skunk and Afghani influences. It’s very resinous with a Christmas-tree presentation, high yields and a soft flavour.

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Over the past quarter century, Dutch Passion has set itself apart as one of the best breeders in Amsterdam with an award-winning line that includes the world's most highly sought-after strains & hybrids like Original Blueberry, Master Kush & commercial-grade Holland's Hope. Dutch Passion led the way to create fully feminized seeds in 1998, a development that certainly changed the game for small-scale collectors & hobbiests. Why not step up to the best genetics on earth? Order your authentic Dutch Passion Seeds today!