Gorilla Super Glue

Chemdawg Diesel x Gorilla Glue

Dutch Passion

Our best-ever Gorilla Glue is here! Made by crossing Chemdawg Diesel with Gorilla Glue and then back-crossing with Gorilla Glue. Yields are excellent, but the real focus was to improve the taste and high, elevating both to true connoisseur levels.
  • Gorilla Super Glue
  • Chemdawg Diesel x Gorilla Glue
  • XL Yields
  • Very High THC
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Product Details

Gorilla Super Glue is exceptionally potent. The generous yields make her appealing to both recreational as well as commercial growers. Gorilla Super Glue delivers large rock-hard buds which shine like diamonds, jam-packed with THC. One phenotype grows fast and shows THC-production from the start of bloom. The other phenotype takes two weeks longer to finish but rewards the grower with larger yields and the authentic Gorilla Glue stench & rich taste. This is typically a pungent combination of pine, citrus, gassy and fruit. Some growers also mention a sweet strawberry flavour. The maxed-out effects are clearly a result of combining the classy parent genetics - profoundly relaxing but also trippy and up-lifting.

Gorilla Super Glue is an awesome new strain and easy to grow for cultivators of all experience levels, no special care or conditions required! She can be grown in all grow mediums/methods indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses reaching up to 1m tall indoors. Bumper harvests of over 500g/m2 are achievable in well controlled environments. The SOG method is particularly suited to this strain. Strong THC-levels well above 20% alongside CBD levels between 0.1-0.8% will impress the serious, quality-focussed grower.


THC notes Very High
Autoflowering Cycle Chemdawg Diesel x Gorilla Glue
Yield Notes XL
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