Jorge's Diamond #1

Jorges Diamonds Seeds are Better than Bling!

Dutch Passion

What do you get when you combine ripe raspberries, soothing wild honey and celebrity breeder Jorge Cervantes? An instant hit! Dutch Passion Jorge's Diamonds Feminized is a fruity new strain headed for the cannabis hall of fame!
  • Developed by Celebrity Breeder Jorge Cervantes
  • Dutch Passion
  • Feminized
  • Medicinal Properties – High in THCV, CBD and CBN
  • Potent 18% THC Levels
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Product Details

Dutch Passion partnered with cannabis celebrity Jorge Cervantes to create a brand-new strain called Jorge’s Diamonds. If you’re a true cannabis fanatic, you know all about Jorge. For the rest of you, this guy is considered THE cannabis expert. Now, you can bring all that experience home in one neat little package by ordering a set of Dutch Passion Jorge’s Diamonds Feminized Cannabis Seeds.

Jorge’s Diamonds – Like Wild Honey and Raspberries!

At this time, neither Jorge nor Dutch Passion is willing to disclose the exact background of Jorge’s Diamonds Feminized. However, we do know a little about this new strain. It’s said to be the perfect mix of Indica and Sativa with soaring effects and an exceptionally sweet flavour and aroma. Jorge’s Diamonds is like plump, red raspberries so ripe they’re ready to burst soaked in fresh, wild honey.

Hardy Nature and Medicinal Properties

Jorge’s Diamonds Feminized is also known for its maintenance-free quality and hardy nature. Spider mites, mould and common diseases won’t be a problem. This strain has valuable medicinal properties with high THC, CBN and CBD levels.

Order Dutch Passion Jorge’s Diamonds Feminized Cannabis Seeds today!

The Gorilla was just as excited as you are to hear about Jorge’s Diamonds. Although we could barely wait to tell our junior monkeys all about it, we can’t lie to you. If you order this strain, it won’t resemble this description at all. You will receive a full set of dormant cannabis seeds suitable for collection purposes only. We never encourage anyone to germinate or cultivate these items.


Indoor Yes
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
THC notes 16-18 %
Flowering Outdoors October 15th
Yield Notes 200 – 500 gram/m2
Over the past quarter century, Dutch Passion has set itself apart as one of the best breeders in Amsterdam with an award-winning line that includes the world's most highly sought-after strains & hybrids like Original Blueberry, Master Kush & commercial-grade Holland's Hope. Dutch Passion led the way to create fully feminized seeds in 1998, a development that certainly changed the game for small-scale collectors & hobbiests. Why not step up to the best genetics on earth? Order your authentic Dutch Passion Seeds today!