Dutch Passion Pamir Gold Feminized

End Your Search for Himalayan Treasure with Pamir Gold!

Dutch Passion

Able to withstand the high altitudes and oxygen-starved atmosphere of the Himalayas and the Alps, Pamir Gold will thrive in your collection! A powerful Indica, Pamir Gold Feminized beats every contender!
  • 60% Indica to 40% Sativa
  • 7 Week Finish – One of the Fastest in the Industry
  • Dutch Passion
  • Feminized
  • Himalayan Strain
  • Mould and Mildew Resistant
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Product Details

Pamir Gold Feminized set forth on an epic journey to reach the Dutch Passion seed bank in exciting Amsterdam! From her homeland in the western part of the Himalayas within the borders of Tadzhikistan, she set her course for another famous mountain range, the Swiss Alps. Once she settled in, her handlers used a selective inbreeding process to adapt Pamir Gold to the altitude and environmental conditions of this region. Finally, once this strain was perfected, Pamir Gold reached her final destination at Dutch Passion!

Pamir Gold – A Sweet, Subtle Strain

A 60% Indica, Pamir Gold Feminized has just enough Sativa to give her an interesting twist without letting this side of her nature take over. She is best known for her sweet, organic flavour that includes hints of lemon and pear. Unlike stronger varieties, this subtle taste is never overpowering and never outstays its welcome.

Pamir Gold – The Easy, Hard-Working Cannabis Seed

Dutch Passion Pamir Gold Feminized maintains a medium stature and never gives in to mould or mildew. A hard-working strain, Pamir Gold has relatively high yields with very subtle effects on both the body and the soul. The trichomes are slender, long and elegant with colours that vary from grass green to the lightest gold.

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The Gorilla hopes that this description of Pamir Gold’s background was a fun read, but we’d also like to remind you that you will only receive dormant cannabis seeds when you place an order. They will not look like this description in any way. Because we would never want you to get in trouble with the authorities, we’d also like to remind you that cultivation and germination of cannabis seeds is illegal in the UK and most other countries.


Outdoor Yes
Flowering Time 7 weeks
Flowering Outdoors 1st week of Oct.
Over the past quarter century, Dutch Passion has set itself apart as one of the best breeders in Amsterdam with an award-winning line that includes the world's most highly sought-after strains & hybrids like Original Blueberry, Master Kush & commercial-grade Holland's Hope. Dutch Passion led the way to create fully feminized seeds in 1998, a development that certainly changed the game for small-scale collectors & hobbiests. Why not step up to the best genetics on earth? Order your authentic Dutch Passion Seeds today!