Dutch Passion Ultra Skunk Feminized


Dutch Passion

Satisfy your deepest cravings for that Skunky flavour with Ultra Skunk! This new version of that old classic combines the very best features from all your favorite strains for the best Skunk ever!
  • 40% Indica / 60% Sativa
  • Dutch Passion
  • Feminized
  • Finishes in a Fast 8 to 9 Weeks!
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About Dutch Passion Ultra Skunk Feminized


Ultra Skunk is a product of the great Dutch Passion Skunk Project of 1999. Led by the top Skunk expert, this team used only the very best Skunk breeds from the Swiss and Dutch gene pools to create their masterpiece. A true breakthrough in cannabis technology, the world now knows Ultra Skunk as the best skunk ever!

The Improvements that Make Ultra Skunk an Ultra Strain!

Ultra Skunk is more powerful than any other strain in this family, but that isn’t where the improvements stop! Yields are much higher and much more consistent, and this new hybrid doesn’t ever have a problem with mould or spidermites. A stocky variety with oily, crystal-coated trichomes bursting with power and drooping with weight, Ultra Skunk takes cannabis to a whole new level!

And, the Feature that Remain the Same!

If everything had changed, this would no longer be part of the Skunk family! Ultra Skunk has retained that sweet, fruity flavour that characterizes a good Skunk but added just a touch of cedar. The effects have also remained. With Ultra Skunk, the effects are still long-lasting, mood-lifting, but they’re stronger than ever! How good is that?

Order Dutch Passion Ultra Skunk Cannabis Seeds today!

The Gorilla loves the new strains just as much as the old and can’t help but get excited when an classic gets a little makeover! We hope you enjoyed this description, but your order won’t resemble this information. You will receive authentic Ultra Skunk seeds from Dutch Passion, but they’re only suitable for collection purposes. Cultivation and germination is illegal in the UK, and we don’t promote any illegal activity.

Indoor Yes
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
THC Average
THC notes 11%
Flowering Outdoors end of October
Greenhouse Yes
Over the past quarter century, Dutch Passion has set itself apart as one of the best breeders in Amsterdam with an award-winning line that includes the world's most highly sought-after strains & hybrids like Original Blueberry, Master Kush & commercial-grade Holland's Hope. Dutch Passion led the way to create fully feminized seeds in 1998, a development that certainly changed the game for small-scale collectors & hobbiests. Why not step up to the best genetics on earth? Order your authentic Dutch Passion Seeds today!
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