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5th Element

Taking Cannabis Seeds to the Next Level!

This Blackberry X All Spark OG mix is a true heavyweight capable of delivering heavy yields in exchange for heavy feeds. This is a potent choice, but still great for all-day toking.

  • 55 to 60 Day Finish
  • Mostly Cerebral
Berry Bomb thumbnail

Berry Bomb

Extra High Yields - Cha-Ching!

Always reliable, Berry Bomb is so fast & vigorous that she hands out massive yields & bright colors to beginners & pros alike. This is a must have!

  • Blackberry X Blue Dynamite
  • 55 Day Finish - Just Under 8 Weeks!
Chaos Kush thumbnail

Chaos Kush

A Couchlock Killer!

Chaos Kush knocks'em out for the count with a one-two punch of pure Kush power. This is a Trueberry X Abba Zabba hybrid with high THC & zesty lemon flavour.

  • Extremely Relaxing - Stress Relieving
  • Tall & Bushy - Give These Babies Some Room!
Grizzly Kush thumbnail

Grizzly Kush

Prepare for Full-Blown Hibernation!

Grizzly Kush knocks tolerance out with a one-two punch of raw power. Heavily coated in frosty crystals & reeking of lemon, this killer strain is a raging beast that can't be tamed!

  • 3 Parts True OG - 1 Part Abba Zabba
  • Long Nodes Packed with Big, Rocky Buds!
Gummy Bears thumbnail

Gummy Bears

Fruity, Colourful & Waaaay Sticky!

Just like the candy they were named for, Gummy Bears is brightly coloured with lemon/berry flavours & plenty of the sticky stuff - only these sweet thangs pack one hell of a punch!

  • Red, Blue, Green & Purple Hues
  • Incredible Quality - Connoisseur Grade
Honey Bananas thumbnail

Honey Bananas

Super Sweet with a Potent Sting!

This Honey Boo Boo X Strawberry Banana blend is as sweet as they come with rich banana aromas & massive, honey-coated buds. Ready to get sticky?

  • Strong Mix of Mental & Physical Effects
  • 58 to 63 Day Finish - Very Complex
Huckleberry thumbnail


Honey & Orange Marmalade? Yes, Please!

Put down the Skunk, drop that Cheese & grab yourself some Huckleberry. You'll really dig this strain with its unique aroma that'll fill the room with a honey & orange marmalade fragrance.

  • Honey Boo Boo X True Tangie
  • Big Yields - Potent Kush
Mango Tango thumbnail

Mango Tango

Wild, Wicked & Unapologetically Kush!

Potent & fruity, Mango Tango Seeds add a touch of sweetness to Kush couchlock. With 50% True OG Genetics, these tasty killers are the shiz-nit!

  • Smells Like Citrus & Pine
  • Smooth Flavour with Notes of Juicy Peach
True OG thumbnail

True OG

5 Cup Wins - 27.6% THC!

Talk about an unbeatable combination. True OG has the quality, the stamina and the raw, unbridled power to take you exactly where you want to go - and beyond!

  • Heavy Pine & Fuel Aroma - Super Dank
  • Thick Cerebral High - Killer Body Stone
Trueberry thumbnail


The Terpene Profile is Out of This World!

Flavour rules when TrueBerry Seeds are on the prowl. Crisp pine (True OG) collides with rich fruit (Strawberry Banana & sweet Blackberry) for flavours that go on, and on, and on!

  • 56 to 62 Days of Finish
  • Bursting with Trichomes
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Latest Elemental Seeds review

Mango Tango

Asua78, 26 September 2018

Part of Elemental Wellness - The Best NorCal Collective Going!

Elemental Wellness is a HighTimes award-winning collective located in San Jose, California. As a non-profit, this group thrives on helping the community with free classes & massages in addition to an outstanding selection of fully tested MMJ. With their experience & their connections, it was a no-brainer to create Elemental Seeds to share their most effective strains with the entire cannabis community - especially those who don't live on the left coast!

  • Founded by the Best Collective in Northern California
  • Home of True OG - Best Indica a the Seattle High Times Cup 2013
  • Get 6 Feminized Seeds or 13 Regular Seeds Per Pack
  • 20% Off on All Cash Orders - Save Big Today!

After spending 5 full years refining & perfecting their signature True OG strain, Elemental Seeds took the plunge & introduced their version of this fabulous cut to an clamoring public at the High Times Medical Cup of 2011 in San Francisco. There, this amazing breed took 2nd place as Best Indica. True OG went on to win 3 more major awards in the next few years before finally taking home the gold as the absolute Best Indica at Seattle's competition in 2013 - that's 5 major wins in just 4 years. Very impressive!

While True OG has been put out to stud as a very important part of Elemental Seeds' breeding program, they do offer several incredible new blends most of which are based on this high-powered super star. For feminized seeds, you can't go wrong with 5th Element, but our top pick in their regular seed category is Grizzly Kush. True to its names, those babies have a ferocious bite. Order these weed seeds today if you have the rocks required to withstand this kind of power!

Elemental Seeds are top of the heap when it comes to Cali fire strains, but that doesn't mean you have to burn through your budget to get your beans. Gorilla Seeds makes sure they're prices as low as they can go, plus The Gorilla will personally slash the prices by 15% if you pay cash. Balancing his checkbook gives the big man a massive headache & this is the cure!

The Best Seed for Any Purpose? It's Elemental! Order now!

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