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Savor the Ketama Flavour with Maroc Feminized!

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Glowing with silvery-white resin, Maroc is a pure strain with an unbelievable aroma that lasts from start to finish! With a single whiff, you’ll dream of tropical days and exotic Moroccan nights!
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  • Feminized
  • Hashy and Resinous
  • Hardy and Mould Resistant
  • Outdoors
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Product Details

Under the perfect conditions, Maroc Feminized tastes and smells just like the old Ketama strains that made Moroccan hash so famous back in the day. Although the European climate might tame this beast just a little, nothing takes all the fire out of Maroc cannabis seeds!

Maroc is Pure Power!

A rare pure strain, Maroc can trace her origins back to the Ketama region of Morocco. Developed ages ago specifically for the Moroccan hash trade, this strain is exceptionally resinous with a long, slender structure that completely coats itself in glowing-white crystals. One of the stickiest ladies in the Female Seeds lineup, Maroc Feminized is a real powerhouse!

Stronger than any Incense!

Keep in mind that Maroc can fill any area with her aromatic qualities from start to finish. Extremely hardy and very mould resistant, Maroc is an excellent addition to any collection regardless of the environment. When treated right, this strain is capable of providing yields approaching 200 grams per seed.

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The Gorilla is old friends with Maroc Feminized, but this won’t make him lead you astray. Your order will contain authentic cannabis seeds suitable for collection, but they won’t look like this description. Cultivation and germination are illegal in the UK, and we do not encourage any type of activity that breaks the law.


Outdoor Yes
Flowering Outdoors Best started mid April to mid May
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