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The quintessential cannabis seed of the 1990s, Outdoor C99 revolutionized the industry! A sweet and tasty Sativa with huge, crystal-coated trichomes, Outdoor C99 continues to set a higher standard!
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Back in the 1990s, Cindy 99, or C99 as she is affectionately known, changed the way the world viewed cannabis seeds! At that time, everyone wanted the quality offered by a pure landrace Sativa, but no one wanted to wait six months to reap the rewards of their hard work. Through careful genetic engineering, Outdoor C99 was created to deliver the same benefits in half the time or less!

Outdoor C99 Pumps Out the Power!

If you’re lucky enough to collect Outdoor C99 Feminized in a temperate region, it’s very possible that your new cannabis seeds will have a trichome percentage that exceeds 50%! This kind of yield gives your collection endless possibilities. Expect lush green colours, high resin content and a super-sweet flavour!

What’s So Great About a Landrace Sativa?

Similar to heirloom vegetables, a landrace Sativa is a pure strain that hasn’t been diluted by a single cross. This family of cannabis seeds is known for providing clear mental effects with little to no physical impacts. Most find these genetics to be extremely uplifting and energizing rather than couch-lock. Perfect as a mood enhancer or a creative stimulus, Outdoor C99 is potent but never out of it!

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The Gorilla has a little crush on Cindy 99, but he’ll still tell you the whole story about your new cannabis seeds. You’ll receive authentic items suitable for collecting, but they won’t look like this description. Germination and cultivation are against the law in the UK and most other countries. Stay safe with your new seeds and tuck them neatly away for another day!


Outdoor Yes
Flowering Outdoors Ideal start is from March to start of May, ready by end of September
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