Female Seeds Pure AK Feminized

Pure AK Finishes in Under 7 Weeks!

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A potent crowd-pleaser since the 1990s, Pure AK is a lightning fast Indica/Sativa blend with an intense aroma! Rock-hard with a pale-lavender colour, Pure AK is pure pleasure!
  • Finishes in as Little as 48 Days
  • Feminized
  • Female Seeds
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Product Details

Named for Russia’s most famous weapon, Pure AK is never short on fire-power! Now, you can have your fill of this potent strain in as little as 48 days if you play your cards right. Armed with dense, hard nuggs and high-caliber power, you’ll be ready for anything with Pure AK Feminized Cannabis Seeds at your side!

Pure AK is a Dangerous Beauty!

Looks can be deceiving with this dangerous beauty! Although she’s filled with potent THC, her presentation is almost delicate. Tinted a ladylike lavender with trichomes that appear fluffy until you feel their weight, you could almost imagine Pure AK filling bridal bouquets or serving as a sophisticated centerpiece. However, this killa’ strain doesn’t hold back when it comes to her intense aroma or generous yields!

Early and Strong!

Pure AK is early, but this doesn’t cut the power one bit! A powerful Indica/Sativa hybrid, this feminized cannabis seed provides some physical effects, but they’re overshadowed by the Sativa-esque mental qualities. Expect Pure AK to be as high and clear as a cloudless summer day!

Order Female Seeds Pure AK Feminized Cannabis Seeds Now!

The Gorilla has already armed himself with a few Pure AK cannabis seeds, but this is nothing to worry about. As he wards off the imaginary horde, he’ll explain about your order. You’ll receive 100% authentic seeds suitable for collecting, but they won’t look like this description. Don’t forget that it’s illegal to cultivate or germinate your new items in the UK and most other countries.


Indoor Yes
Flowering Time <7 weeks
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