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In an unrestrained display of power, White Widow steals the show every single time! No other strain can compare to the White Widow’s potent THC levels and crystal-encrusted charms!
  • Feminized
  • Female Seeds
  • Short Stature Combined with High Yields
  • A Heavy Indica Lean
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About Female Seeds White Widow Feminized

Are You Ready to Get Down and Dirty with the White Widow?


This wicked feminized strain is waiting patiently to bring your wildest cannabis fantasies to life with tantalizing yields and non-stop power strong enough to leave the Energizer bunny gasping for breath!

Female SeedsWhite Widow is a tempting improvement over standard Widows. Still white as snow, this feminized version has a strong Indica lean, uniform results and sky-high yields.

  • Covered in Diamond-Like Crystals like a True Diva
  • 100% Feminized for Fool-Proof Results
  • One of the Highest THC Levels in the Industry
  • A Real Legend – The Queen Mother of Cannabis

After more than a few illicit trysts, you could say that The Gorilla knows White Widow Feminized intimately. You can take his word for it that this lady really knows her stuff!

Even if the White Widow steals your heart, the Gorilla Seed Bank always has your back with our best price guarantee, top-notch customer service and discreet, overnight shipping.

Satisfy your Secret Desires with White Widow Cannabis Seeds Now!

Indoor Yes
Height Info short
Yield Average
Looking for a great deal? The Gorilla always brings the bargains, but Female Seeds makes it so easy! They've created a world-class collection of 100% feminized seeds that are not only easy to deal with but insanely cheap, and they didn't sacrifice a bit of quality to get there. The breeders at Female Seeds are practically control freaks - they've put a quality process in place that's second to none ensuring a 95+% success rate! Why settle for anything less? Grab your Female Seeds today!
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