Critical Autoflowering

Critical Seeds – Your Ticket for a Serious Upgrade!

Feminised Seeds

Critical Autoflowering is a rare breed: a fully automatic strain that captures the essence of pure power. They yields are outstanding, the flavour is intense & the effects are second to none. Never washed out or diluted, Critical Feminized delivers complete and total satisfaction. And that, my friend, is cheap at any price!
  • 100% Feminised Seeds
  • Fully Autoflowering
  • White Dwarf X Critical Mass – Pure Power
  • Finished in 8 Weeks
  • 75 to 100 gr/seed Yields
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Product Details

Critical Seeds Have Hardcore Stamped All Over 'em!

Push past Critical and what do you get? A big, fat "Deceased" label and a toe tag! Critical Seeds offer enough mind-blowing power to dangle you over the edge without ever letting you go.

Ready in just 8 weeks, Critical Feminized is a potent autoflowering strain that offers a surprising amount of power and volume for Lowryder genetics. Easy-to-manage and extremely stealthy, Feminised Seeds' Critical has exceeded even the breede'rs lofty expectations.

  • Fully Feminized and Completely Automatic - Easy Peasy
  • A Jaw-Dropping 8-Week Finish  - When You Just Can't Wait
  • Generous Yields in Stealth Mode - For the Cannabis Greedy
  • White Dwarf X Critical Mass - Eye-Popping Power

Critical Auto is the perfect blend of two legends - White Dwarf & Critical Mass. Fusing the best parts of each epic weed seed into a brand-new masterpiece, this collaboration can't be denied. It's the bomb-diggity of the autoflowering seed world!

After the pure power of Critical Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds burned his fuzzy paws, The Gorilla uses gloves to handle these little time-bombs.

This makes packing these tiny seeds a little tricky, but he's mastered the technique in the same way he put together his best-price guarantee, stealth shipping and privacy guarantee. Take advantage of all this plus get a ton of free swag when you order Critical from the Gorilla Seed Bank.

Get Legendary Critical Feminized Cannabis Seeds Now!

NB: If you don't want to get in Critical trouble, don't try to germinate or cultivate your new cannabis seeds. Both practices are illegal in the UK. Your new items are authentic, but they are intended for collection purposes only and won’t resemble this description.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics White Dwarf x Critical mass
Flowering Time Autoflowering
THC Strong
Height Info short
Height notes 80cm-1m is quite normal
Auto flowering Yes
Autoflowering Cycle Can be taken after 9 weeks from seed, although 10 weeks is fine!
Indoor Yield 75-100 gr/seed
Mainly Indica Yes
Critical Auto is a fast-finishing autoflowering seed sold under the Feminised Seeds brand. An elite Spanish breeder, Feminised Seeds is known for high-yielding, extremely potent & very tasty feminized & automatic seeds - no regulars here. If you're looking for something truly unique, you've came to the right place. Take Feminised Seeds for a spin - it'll be the trip of a lifetime!