Big Bag Feminized

Up Your Game with Big Bag Seeds!

Feminised Seeds

Feminised Seeds changed the game with this high-powered strain. With an 8 week finish and an amazing 21.2% THC, there’s nothing not to like about Big Bag. Get yours today & kick your own ass for missing out!
  • Feminised Seeds
  • Insane 21.2% THC Level
  • Speedy 8.5 Week Finish
  • 750 gr/m2 Yields – Look Out!
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Product Details

You won't BELIEVE Big Bag's Powerful Yields!

Can you believe the breeders at Feminised Seeds have developed this high THC strain? With a thick structure and tight internodes, Big Bag Feminised Seeds has the power to support the fat, sticky nuggs this baby is known for!

To get these massive yields (they tipped the scale at a whopping 750 gr/m2 in independent lab testing), Big Bag doesn't compromise a thing - the THC measures in at a righteous 21.2%  and the substantial triches are clearly visible to the naked eye. This is a satisfying choice in every ... single ... way!

  • 5-Star Seeds at Budget-Friendly Prices
  • Astronomical Yields at 750 gr/m2
  • Stoned-to-the-Bone 21.2% THC
  • Faster-than-a-Speeding-Bullet with an 8.5 Week Finish

Best of all, you're done in just 8.5 short weeks! No messing around with Big Bag!

Note that Big Bag just got a major upgrade for mid-2015 - it now includes a massive infusion of Blue Black, Maple Leaf & White Rhino for a potent, medical-grade strain that's Indica strong all day long!

When you order Feminised Seeds' Big Bag from The Gorilla, you'll always hit the bull's eye with low prices, next-day shipping and an awesome collection of free stuff.

Plus, The Gorilla would defend your little secret with his last banana. The Gorilla Seed Bank is the epitome of discretion and security.

Get Locked-and-Loaded with Big Bag Cannabis Seeds!

NB: Big Bag Seeds are ready to rock your world & bring you to your very knees, but that amazing feat will have to wait until the laws change. In the UK, it's illegal to even attempt a Big Bag grow. That means don't germinate them, don't cultivate them & don't harvest them. In other words, don't let these powerful cannabis seeds even see a drop of water - keep them as The Gorilla intended - as lovely little dormant collectibles.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Blue Black x Maple Leaf Indica x White Rhino
Flowering Time 7-8 weeks
THC V.Strong
THC notes 21.2%
Height Info medium
Flowering Outdoors Early October
Yield Good
Yield Notes 750gr/m2
Big Bag is a powerful, high-yielding cannabis seed from the Feminised Seed brand. Feminised Seeds is world famous for producing extremely stable, 100% feminized seeds that do exactly what they promise each & every time. THC ratings blow right past that elusive 20% mark & keep on going with absolutely no ceiling in sight. Buy your genuine Feminised Seeds now - you will not be disappointed!