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Have You Heard About the Cure for Chronic Feminized?

Feminised Seeds

Chronic has become THE word for top-shelf weed. Be careful - if word gets out that you have the one & only Chronic on hand, you'll be the most popular dude (or dudette) in town! When only the best will do, don’t settle for anything less than genuine Chronic Feminized!
  • Feminised Seeds
  • High-Grade Skunk – With that Classic Stinky Goodness!
  • High Yields – ‘Cause You Can Never Have Enough Chronic!
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Product Details

The Most In-Demand Weed Seed on the Planet - Accept No Substitutes!

If you've caught the Chronic itch, there's only one cure: more and more of the dawg that bit you! And, with your own supply of Chronic Seeds, your constant THC infusion will never run low!

Feminised Seeds' Chronic really pumps out the volumes of big, stinky nuggs to keep your stash well-stocked with that top-shelf, stinky Skunk that always hits the right spot!

  • The Gold Standard of Premium Weed - Legendary!
  • High-Grade Skunk - A Stinky Favourite!
  • Chronic Power & Chronic Yields - Plenty of the Good Stuff!
  • Potent and Long-lasting - One Hit Will Knock You on Your …!

This is not, I repeat not, a steath strain! Do yourself a favour & pull out the heavy duty filters for this baby or prepare to pay the price. We are not kidding when we say Chronic Feminized Seeds take Skunk to entirely new levels in every single way. You will not be disappointed in this ass kicker!

Everywhere you go, you'll hear cannabis fans begging for Chronic Feminized! The Gorilla hands these cannabis seeds out as fast as his furry paws will fly, but even The Big Man can’t keep up with demand when he's offering premium seeds at schwag prices!

While Chronic is still on the menu, get yours from the Gorilla Seed Bank with our best-price guarantee and fast, discreet shipping. If you act today, you could have your greedy hands on the Chronic by tomorrow afternoon!

Get Legendary Chronic Feminized Cannabis Seeds Now!

NB: It might be tempting to try to start up your Chronic Seeds, but these items are only meant for collection purposes. They won’t be anything like this description, and cultivation and germination are illegal in the UK.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Sour Diesel x Chronic x Super Skunk
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
THC Strong
Height Info medium
Chronic Seeds are one of the best-selling beans at the Feminised Seeds Company. This brand is a true legend in the feminized seed world with unique genetic blends, intense flavours, high yields & THC levels that easily exceed 20%. This collection is small, but that's because Feminised Seeds is a dedicated crew that takes the time to fully refine each & ever strain before it's released. No matter what you pick, you'll be happy you went with this breeder!