Purple Envy

The One Seed Guaranteed to Make 'Em All Jelly!

Feminised Seeds

Love to show off? Then get Purple Envy & claim your bragging rights! These flowers are big, dense, dripping with resin & they pop with glittery colour. Trust us - if you're looking for eye candy with punch, you won't find a better choice than this new Feminised Seed strain. She takes her time, but near the end, this lady dresses it up big time. Let her go late for maximum colour!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • True Purple Colours
  • Very Thick Resin
  • Big, Dense & Aromatic
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Product Details

Genetically Purple - Cold Temps Not Required!

Feminised Seeds reached deep into their own gene pool, called in all their favours & did a couple very naughty things to bring you their new Purple Envy Seeds. It took years to cross all the absolute best genetically Purple Strains on the planet, but they did it. This piece of eye candy does not disappoint, don't bong it!

  • Purple Envy Flowering Time = 8 to 11 Weeks
  • Longer Finishes = Deeper Purple Colours
  • Cool Night Temps are Not Required
  • Thick, Sturdy Stems, But Support Still Needed!

Purple Envy Cannabis Seeds don't waste a bit of time once the buds start to form. They plump quickly, going from white hairs to dense, neon-green buds within days. As the final fade approaches, the true purple colour will emerge, deepening as time goes by. But don't forget to tie these branch-breakers up early - these flowers are big, but still very heavy for their size!

With a heavy Indica lean, Feminised Seeds Purple Envy has a strong, physical effect that starts off with a face-melting buzz paired with a subtle and very pleasant mental lift. The smell and taste are just as intriguing as this 100% feminized seed's good looks - sweet & grapey. You will, without a doubt, love these beans!

Do Yourself a Huge Favour & Buy Your Purple Envy Seeds Right Here, Right Now!



Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Multiple Genetically Purple Strains
Flowering Time 8-11 weeks
THC Strong
Height Info medium
Flavour Sweet & Grapey
Aroma Sweet & Grapey
Yield Good
Mainly Indica Yes
Greenhouse Yes
With Feminised Seeds, the name say sit all! This is your best & most trusted source for 100% feminized seeds that are stable, reliable, dependable and packed with power. Plus, the smooth flavour & tantalizing aromas will knock your socks right off your feet! Discover what great weed seeds are all about with epic legends like OG Kush, Big Bang 2 & the one & only Super Cheese - you will not regret this choice, my friend!