The Widow

Will You Give In to the Whispered Promises of Widow Seeds?

Feminised Seeds

The Widow is a younger version of an old favourite that vastly improved a near-perfect strain. With a faster finish, higher yields and even more power, all other strains eat The Widow’s dust! If you to get your fingers sticky & don't mind cleaning your scissors about a bajillion times, this is the weed seed for you. Get yours today!
  • Feminised Seeds
  • Wicked 20% THC
  • Just 7 to 8 Weeks
  • Coated in Diamond-Like Crystals
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Product Details

Braced for the Devastating Power of The Widow?

You don't stand a chance! The Widow takes no prisoners when it comes to conquering the hearts and minds of her avid suitors. As you drown in massive yields, high THC and Skunky perfume, you won’t even look for a way out of this oh-so-pleasurable fate!

The Widow Feminized is anything but a tease! This lady always delivers on her promises. In fact, most of The Gorilla's minions never settle for anything less than an entire harem of Widow Seeds.

Have you ever actually tried a weed seed that can go all the way to an astronomical 20% THC? Make sure you know what you're getting into with this one. Fair warning - The Widow could knock you out for the count. Do not, we repeat do not, make any plans for a full 24 hours when you take this vixen on!

The Gorilla's long and passionate relationship with The Widow means that he can give you the best price going for these in-demand seeds! If we haven't sold out, you can order today and receive a discreet mailer filled with Widow Seeds and a ton of freebies by tomorrow afternoon.

And, we'll even give you a ring to make sure everything went according to plan! You can never be too safe when The Widow is in the picture.

Get Wicked-Good Widow Feminized Cannabis Seeds Now!

NB: Your order will include authentic Widow Seeds, but they won't be anything like what we've described. These items are meant for collection purposes only. Any cultivation or germination attempts are against the law in the UK and most other countries.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Indian X Brazilian X White Widow
Flowering Time 7-8 weeks
THC Strong
Flowering Outdoors End of October
Indoor Yield 750 gm/2
Mainly Indica Yes
The Widow is a powerful White cannabis seed created by Spanish-based Feminised Seeds. The Feminised Seeds Company is famous for their genetic engineering techniques as well as their outstanding weed seeds. Many of these hybrids have more than 20% THC with yields, flavours & resin content to match. You'll love this brand - we kid you not!