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Fast Bud #2 Auto Feminised Seeds thumbnail

Fast Bud #2 Auto Feminised Seeds

3rd generation auto-flowering strain. Evolution of our Fast Bud Auto®. A very productive auto with big buds and plenty of aromatic resin. Extremely vigorous plants producing lots of very strong side branches. The plants reach to between 40 cm and 90 cm of height.Strong effect and sweet aromas wi…
Fast Eddy Auto thumbnail

Fast Eddy Auto

9 Weeks from Seed with High CBD!

When you need it day before yesterday, go with Fast Eddy Auto! This rapid autoflowering seed finishes in 8 to 9 weeks from seed. Now, that's fast!

  • Impressive 450 gr/m2 Inside
  • 9% THC for Calm, Medical Highs
Fast Ryder I thumbnail

Fast Ryder I

Short, Fast & Strong as a Bulldog!

If you're looking for autoflowering seeds with bite, look no further than Fast Ryder I. It's mostly Indica from The Bulldog Seeds' strongest strain so you know what that means!

  • Impressive Yields & High THC
  • Mostly Indica for Lasting Body Stones
Fast Ryder II thumbnail

Fast Ryder II

Zoom Down the Fast Lane!

To create this fruit-flavoured autoflowering seed, The Bulldog Seeds crossed Afghan genetics with Fast Ryder I for dense, rock-hard buds and an oh-so-sweet flavour.

  • Finishes in 7 Weeks from Seed
  • 80% Sativa - Elegant & Cerebral
Female Mix Feminised Seeds thumbnail

Female Mix Feminised Seeds

Anyone who finds it hard to choose between The Flying Dutchmen's many superb feminised strains can find the solution to their dilemma in TFD Feminised Mix. Female Mix by The Flying Dutchmen.This selection contains 5 / 10 seeds - a randomly mixed assortment taken from any or all of the 14 strains
Female Seeds Black Sugar Feminized thumbnail

Female Seeds Black Sugar Feminized

Coated in potent, purple/black resin, Black Sugar is dangerously beautiful! Filled with power and always easy-going, Black Sugar is ready and waiting to fulfill your secret desires!
Female Seeds BubbleGummer thumbnail

Female Seeds BubbleGummer

Filled with that trademark Bubble Gum flavour and fragrance, Bubblegummer is as yummy as she is strong! Super fun, but not for the kids, Bubblegummer will blow your mind!
Female Seeds Easy Sativa Feminized thumbnail

Female Seeds Easy Sativa Feminized

Easy Sativa surpasses all expectations when allowed to stretch her wings in the great outdoors! For giving Easy Sativa cannabis seeds a little freedom, you’ll be rewarded with stonking-big trichomes and plenty of lazy days to enjoy them!
Female Seeds Fast Nevilles Feminized thumbnail

Female Seeds Fast Nevilles Feminized


Female Seeds Grapefruit Feminized thumbnail

Female Seeds Grapefruit Feminized

Infused with Grapefruit and Pineapple aromas, Grapefruit is a very special Sativa. Fast on the finish and filled with tropical pleasure, Grapefruit fulfills your every need!
Female Seeds Ice Feminized Cannabis Seeds thumbnail

Female Seeds Ice Feminized

Covered in frosty crystals and pumping out the volume, there’s nothing not to like about ICE Feminized! A cannabis seed that puts the rest to shame, ICE is your dream girl!
Female Seeds iced Grapefruit thumbnail

Female Seeds Iced Grapefruit Feminized

Happy and up, Iced Grapefruit is the life of the party! With a great citrus quality and extreme THC, Iced Grapefruit cures all that ails you!
Female Seeds Indoor Mix Feminized thumbnail

Female Seeds Indoor Mix Feminized Seeds

Filled with an assortment of Female Seeds’ best indoor strains, the Indoor Mix is always a powerful surprise! Take a walk on the wild side with Female Seeds Indoor Mix – It’s a low-risk investment!
Female Seeds Lemon Kush Feminized thumbnail

Female Seeds Lemon Kush Feminized

Delectably sour, Lemon Kush is a potent strain from the exotic Hindu Kush. An interesting Indica with Sativa-like effects, Lemon Kush Feminized is rock-hard and extra sticky!
Female Seeds Maroc Feminized thumbnail

Female Seeds Maroc Feminized

Glowing with silvery-white resin, Maroc is a pure strain with an unbelievable aroma that lasts from start to finish! With a single whiff, you’ll dream of tropical days and exotic Moroccan nights!
Female Seeds Outdoor C99 Feminized Seeds thumbnail

Female Seeds Outdoor C99 Feminized


Female Seeds Pure AK Feminized thumbnail

Female Seeds Pure AK Feminized

A potent crowd-pleaser since the 1990s, Pure AK is a lightning fast Indica/Sativa blend with an intense aroma! Rock-hard with a pale-lavender colour, Pure AK is pure pleasure!
Female Seeds Purple Maroc Feminized thumbnail

Female Seeds Purple Maroc Feminized

With a Moroccan mother, Purple Maroc is a veritable resin factory! Super-sticky and rock-hard, Purple Maroc Feminized gives you her all!
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