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Harness Your Inner Animal with Chemdog Seeds

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You’ll always lead the pack when Chemdog is on your side. Only partially tamed, Chemdog is both savage and strong!
  • 2nd Place IC2420 Growers Cup Winner in 2008
  • 21.51% THC and 1.50% CBD
  • 800 gr/m2 or 800 gr/seed
  • Feminized
  • GreenHouse Seeds
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About Greenhouse Seeds Chemdog Feminized

Chemdog, or Chemdawg, is shrouded in mystery. The official report says that this strain is a mix of OG Kush and Sour Diesel, but many others say this isn’t true. Their account is that an old-school seed dude from the States who went by the Chemdog handle found a few mystery seeds in a bag of top-shelf weed and decided to try them out. From there, this breed has traveled the world and spawned a number of children. No matter what you choose to believe, Chemdog Feminized is the lead dog in our cannabis pack!

Chemdog – A Sour, Lemony Hit!

Everyone seems to enjoy Chemdog, but there’s also a little disagreement about how this one tastes. Depending on the phenotype you end up with, it can smell like a mixture of pine-sol and jet fuel or sour and lemony. The flavour also varies from chemical, earthy and medicinal to clean, sweet, lemony and smooth.

Can Anyone Agree on Anything When ChemDog is on the Run?

Sure! Everyone agrees that this is one of the most powerful strains ever created! Chemdog has an amazing 21.51% THC rating combined with a generous 1.5% CBD reading. Some of the uninitiated find the effects to be too strong, but most old-timers say she’s just right! Chemdog Feminized can run all day long without giving out. The effects are both cerebral and physical, and some have described them as uplifting, perception altering, relaxing and stomach settling.

Order GreenHouse Chemdog Feminized Cannabis Seeds Today!

The Gorilla is pretty sure Chemdog might be one of his long lost relatives, but this won’t make him keep anything from you. Your order will include dormant cannabis seeds suitable for collection, but they won’t resemble this description at all. Don’t forget that cultivation and germination is illegal in the UK. We’d sure hate to have to send bananas if you end up in the clink.

Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics OG Kush x Sour Diesel
Flowering Time 9 weeks
THC V.Strong
THC notes 21.51%
CBD 1.5%
CBN 0%
Cannabis Cup 2nd IC420 Growers Cup 2008
Cup Winner Yes
Medical Yes
Flowering Outdoors Beginning of October
Indoor Yield up to 800 gr/m2
Outdoor Yield up to 800 gr/plant.
If you're going to do the do, why not go big? The Green House Seed Company is one of the biggest names in the biz & there's a good reason why. These seed geniuses were founded by the Arjan the official King of Cannabis way back in 1985 when the Dutch seed trade was just getting started. One of the few to stand the test of time, Green House is so good, it's endorsed by famous names like Snoop Dogg, Metallica & The Rhino! Don't miss your chance to own authentic Green House Seeds - Order now!
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