GreenHouse Seeds Jack Herer Feminized

The Man, The Legend, The Seed… GreenHouse Jack Herer!

Green House Seeds

The skyrocketing THC levels in GreenHouse Jack Herer would make the man proud! If you would like to toast the efforts of a real cannabis pioneer, do it with Jack Herer Feminized Cannabis Seeds!
  • 800 to 1200 grams per square meter
  • Feminized
  • GreenHouse Seeds
  • Historic 20.94% THC Levels
  • Red Skunk x Haze
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Product Details

The original Jack Herer, the man not the seed, was a true cannabis pioneer! An activist who brought the advantages of cannabis out of the underground and into the mainstream, Jack was a real legend. Recently deceased, GreenHouse Seeds chose to honor his memory with one of the most powerful cannabis seeds ever developed. Jack Herer Feminized does him proud!

GreenHouse Jack Herer Took First Place at the Cannabis Cup

In December 2004, long before the original Jack passed on to weed heaven, this strain won the High Times Cannabis Cup. As an in-demand mixture of Haze and Red Skunk, both the flavour and fragrance is unbelievable! However, the medicinal properties are what most people are really looking for. Jack Herer Cannabis Seeds have been described as long lasting with massive effects on both the mind and the body.

Unbelievable THC Readings

When the breeders at GreenHouse Seeds began to put Jack Herer Feminized through her paces, they were astounded! This Sativa-dominant strain was consistently measured at an extremely high 20.94% level. Few cannabis seeds in the industry could ever hope of reaching such a legendary status. You can’t go wrong with this complex mix of medicinal and recreational properties!

Order GreenHouse Seeds Jack Herer Feminized Cannabis Seeds Now!

Everyone at the Gorilla Seed Bank was saddened at the passing of Jack Herer. However, we’d never let our feelings prevent us from telling you the truth about your order. Cannabis Seeds ordered from The Gorilla are high-quality, dormant items suitable for collection but not meant for cultivation or germination. Both practices are illegal in the UK, and neither the Gorilla nor Jack would want you to get in trouble.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Haze x Red Skunk
Flowering Time 8 weeks
THC V.Strong
THC notes 20.94%
CBD 0.12%
CBN 0.04%
Medical Yes
Flowering Outdoors Late September
Yield Good
Indoor Yield up to 800 gr/m2.
Outdoor Yield can reach 1200 gr/plant.
If you're going to do the do, why not go big? The Green House Seed Company is one of the biggest names in the biz & there's a good reason why. These seed geniuses were founded by the Arjan the official King of Cannabis way back in 1985 when the Dutch seed trade was just getting started. One of the few to stand the test of time, Green House is so good, it's endorsed by famous names like Snoop Dogg, Metallica & The Rhino! Don't miss your chance to own authentic Green House Seeds - Order now!