Greenhouse Seeds K train feminized

Catch a Wicked Ride with K Train Seeds!

Green House Seeds

Hop aboard the K-Train for the ride of your life! With unstoppable power and plenty of fuel, K-Train always gets you there in record time!
  • 22.69% THC
  • 800 gr/m2 or 1000 gr/seed Yields
  • Feminized
  • GreenHouse Seeds
  • Trainwreck x OG Kush
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Product Details

A newcomer to the GreenHouse Seeds lineup, K-Train is creating all kinds of buzz in the cannabis community! By buzz, we mean talk of what she’s like and what she can do once people see that amazing 22.69% THC reading – not that other kind of buzz! As always, The Gorilla is going to school you a little about K-Train Feminized.

K-Train is a Heavy-Duty Mix

This mix of OG Kush and Trainwreck genetics resulted in a hard-hitting Indica that lasts for hours! As fast as a speeding K-Train, this variety is deeply physical and very creative. Smooth and lucid, a ride on the K-Train is your ticket for the perfect evening filled with music, movies or philosophical discussions with your mates! Medicinal followers consider K-Train to be very uplifting and relaxing.

Nutty and Fruity! Yummy!

K Train Feminized has a delectable flavour inherited from both parents. Kush contributes dark, nutty notes with a touch of licorice, and Trainwreck provides a berry taste that is unbelievable! The aroma is slightly sweet, but it will remind you of a spicy blend of roast pistachios more than fruit or candy. Very savory and extremely potent, GreenHouse K Train waits for you to step on board!

Buy GreenHouse K Train Feminized Cannabis Seeds Now!

The Gorilla has already picked up his ticket for the K Train, but he’d like to tell you a little bit about your order before he gets to the station. You’ll receive official cannabis seeds meant for your collection, but they won’t resemble this description. If you value your freedom to hit the tracks whenever you feel a little footloose, don’t try to germinate your new seeds. It’s illegal in the UK.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Trainwreck x OG Kush.
Flowering Time 9 weeks
THC V.Strong
THC notes 22.69%
CBD 0.3%
CBN 0.34%
Medical Yes
Flowering Outdoors Ready by Start of October
Indoor Yield up to 800 gr/m2.
Outdoor Yield can reach 1000 gr/plant.
Mainly Indica Yes
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