Caramel Apple Gelato x King’s Tart

Green House Seeds

The Tarte Tatin is the new addition to the Green House Seed catalog, with a beautiful new expression of flavors and sweetness. We used the great Caramel Apple Gelato, selected from Compound Genetics for its beautiful calyx structure and potent smell, and crossed it with our extremely sweet and powerful King’s Tart.
  • TARTE TATIN Feminized
  • Caramel Apple Gelato x King’s Tart
  • 65% INDICA
  • 26% THC
  • 8-9 Weeks Flowering
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Product Details

Combining both tastes in a beautiful explosion of flavors that can be compared to the famous Tarte Tatin dessert, a strong caramelized vanilla-apple taste with a background of cream and chocolate, that reminds the old times of the Chocolope, but with a newer touch. The apple and vanilla on top of it, and finally a light creaminess will complete the flavor, like a hint of Chantilly cream on top of your Tarte, beautiful!

The Tarte Tatin grows very vigorously and has a low leaf to flower ratio, forming beautiful flowers with a very low number of leaves inside, making it a treat when trimming time comes! The plants kept the big calyx structure from the C.A.G, with even more trichome production induced by our King’s Tart.

The result is a beautiful and aesthetic flower that will stretch with medium-length nodes, forming flowers all along the stem without closing up together. At the end of flowering, each flower site will develop its own beautiful bud. It does not have a big flowering stretch and will double its size once in the flowering phase, with medium-sized stems that will stand straight, pointing at the sky.

By the end of flowering, some phenotypes can express some beautiful blue and dark purple hues, inherited from the Caramel Apple Gelato’s colorful flowers.The taste of the caramel apple gelato is very smooth, ranging from the caramelized apple taste to that sweet vanilla chocolate, and finally, a hint of creaminess it will fill your mouth with its sweetness. A beautiful smoke from morning till nighttime.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Caramel Apple Gelato x King’s Tart
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
THC V.Strong
THC notes 26,00%
Height notes 150-250cm
Yield Good
Outdoor Yield 1300g/plant
Sativa / Indica ratio 35% SATIVA - 65% INDICA
Greenhouse Yes
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