Runtz x A.M.S

Green House Seeds

The Ztrawberry is a mix of one of the most classic strains from the Green House Seeds catalog, the AMS, which is known among growers for its mold resistance in extreme conditions and its amazing red fruit taste, and our selection of Runtz, the newer but nonetheless famous Zkittlez x Gelato33 cross. The result is a beautiful plant that brings the power and amazing terpene profile of the latest USA strains, mixed with the vigor, mold resistance and sweetness of the AMS.
  • Greenhouse Seeds ZTRAWBERRY
  • Runtz x A.M.S
  • 60% INDICA
  • 1200/plant
  • High Yield
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Product Details

The plant grows with a strong bushy structure. The nodes of the Runtz structure are shortened by the AMS lineage, but it keeps that sharp leaf trait of the Runtz, with steady branches that can hold some weight. The flowers have a conic shape with big round calyx and will get extremely compact under a thick layer of very sticky trichomes. The leaves have a darker green tone, like the AMS.

The smell of the Ztrawberry is a mix of both parents for a very satisfying feeling: the extreme sweetness of the AMS smell, a red-fruit, strawberry-like pungent aroma joined by the sweetness and acidity so typical of the Zkittlez, and finally in the background are the creaminess and earthy notes of the Gelato. A complex bouquet that will fill every part of your palate. The effects are instantaneous and will last a long time; the heavy kick of the Gelato strain will come in quickly and slowly fade to a Sativa-like head buzz of the AMS, which makes it a good strain for smoking all day long.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Runtz x A.M.S
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
THC Strong
THC notes 22,48%
Yield Good
Yield Notes 1200/plant
Sativa / Indica ratio 40% SATIVA - 60% INDICA
Greenhouse Yes
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