Blue Dream Sherbet Autoflower

Blue dream x sunset sherbet


You have heard about the blue dream success, and i know you heard about the sunset sherbet. Blue Dream Sherbet Auto is the union of the 2 strains with a little ruderalis.
  • 21-23% THC
  • Blue dream x sunset sherbet
  • 40% indica - 60% sativa
  • 650-750 grams /m2
  • 11 weeks
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Product Details

Fruity delight with the berry-flavoured weed in a perfectly balanced sherbet. Sounds like the perfect ice cream, but this one is the one that you smoke. Indoors it will grow short to medium height and bushy.

There are blue, pink, and white phenotypes but they only come out when the temperature drops. The plant can take high temperatures without getting fluffy but the best quality will come from a regular temperature grow.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Blue dream x sunset sherbet
THC Strong
THC notes 21-23%
Height notes 80cm - 110cm
Sativa / Indica ratio 40% indica - 60% sativa
Greenhouse Yes
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