Donutz Feminized

Hybrid | Frosty Growth | THC 25-30% | Laid Back & Social | S2 x DNZ#4

Humboldt Seed Company

Donutz is a Glazed Delight, known for its distinctive and enticing doughnut-like aroma, bringing together sweet and dessert-like characteristics with hints of fuel that make it reminiscent of morning fresh doughnuts at the gas station.
  • THC 25-30%
  • Frosty
  • S2 x DNZ#4
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Product Details

Its buds are dense, vibrant green and purple. A generous coating of resin, gives the buds a frosty and glistening appearance, she’s super unique, carrying subtle undertones of vanilla and cinnamon, adding depth to the overall doughnut-like scent.

The high begins with a euphoric and uplifting sensation, promoting feelings of happiness and creativity. As time passes, a soothing body relaxation sets in, relieving any tension or stress. This strain is perfect for those seeking a combination of mental stimulation and physical relaxation. Easy to grow and a standout in any garden.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Lemon Cherry Gelato x GSC x OG
Flowering Time 7-8 weeks
THC V.Strong
THC notes 25-30%
Sativa / Indica ratio True Hybrid (50% Indica / 50% Sativa)
Greenhouse Yes
When Slightly Stoopid asks you to breed a strain, you get right on it. Selecting the genetics felt like being in the studio with the band. Slightly Stoopid boasts 20% Indica, 80% Sativa with tropical fruit flavor and beautiful lime green trichomes.