Diesel Ryder Regular


Joint Doctor

The Joint Doctor and Soma have crafted this long overdue third instalment in the Lowryder series by fusing together lowryder #2 and Soma’s New York City Diesel. The resulting Diesel Ryder is a strong, tasty and fast Automatic hybrid.
  • Regular Seeds
  • 100% Autoflowering
  • Powerful Punch
  • 9 Week - Flowering
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Combining the famous taste and kick of the NYC Diesel with the unbeaten speed and quality of Joint Doctor’s Lowryder #2, this expertly crafted cannabis seed has perfection written all over it. Less branching and a larger main cola than most Autoflowering seeds , Joint Doctor have ensured this punchy little Diesel Ryder will take her place in the weed seed hall of fame.

From the master craftsmen of the finest automatic flowering cannabis seeds in the world, Joint Doctor have perfected the long awaited, third instalment in the Lowryder series – The Diesel Ryder Automatic seed.

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We only sell these cannabis seeds as souvenirs to be collected and cherished forever – or until the law changes. We don’t want our customers to go to jail, so please don’t germinate these high quality cannabis seeds.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics New York City Diesel x Lowryder #2
Flowering Time Autoflowering
Auto flowering Yes
Autoflowering Cycle 9 Weeks from seed
When it comes to automatic seeds, there's nothing better than an authentic Lowryder created by the notorious Joint Doctor. As one of the true pioneers in this modern innovation, Joint Doctor takes all the hassle out of premium cannabis seeds with a super-secret formula that everyone else could only hope to match. For the absolute best Ruderalis genetics on Earth - or any other planet. Get your prescription for greatness from the Joint Doctor while he's still making house calls - order now!