Aurora Indica

Celestial is a Potent Thing!

Nirvana Seeds

You can’t use the word ‘celestial’ and refer to something lame; telling your mate his dirty hat is celestial just sounds retarded, not to mention not-so-masculine. Aurora Indica is a power-chick with a fighter’s ability to knock you on your ass. She’s comfortable outdoors with the stars or indoors with the electronics, so give these feminized seeds a run and get ready to sit on your ass!
  • 100% Feminized Seeds
  • Vigorous F1 Hybrid
  • Very Strong
  • 7-9 Week Finishes
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Product Details

The Hardest-Hitting Indica from Nirvana Seeds

This feminized dream is a high-potency nightmare for your motivation, with a body buzz that makes sure you won’t accomplish anything today. The Gorilla makes sure he gets his work done first, cuz he’s smart.

Aurora Indica Feminized doesn’t shy away from pain either. Her heavy effect is powerful enough to take the edge off The Gorilla’s aches and pains, and she’s got a pretty sweet stat sheet:

  • Fruity and earthy flavour
  • Oozing with resin
  • Cured The Gorilla’s foot pain after the 2012 incident

The Gorilla won’t talk about 2012, but who cares, you’ve got your eyes fixed on one of the finest marijuana seeds in the universe. With a short stature and 7-9 week period, Nirvana's Aurora Indica Strain won’t keep you waiting for long or stand out among the tall weeds.

The Gorilla always delivers his premium ladies safely and discreetly. He’s the escort service that never leaves you hanging either. Secure purchasing, browsing, and his pledge to punish any competitor’s lame prices are other reasons everybody keeps coming back for more way-cool ganja seeds.

Buy Aurora Indica Feminized Seeds Today!

NB: In order to be part of the keeps-coming-back club you need to keep things legal. Obey the law so you don’t have to join the my-butt-hurts club in jail. Just saying.


Indoor Yes
Outdoor Yes
Cannabis Genetics Afghan X Northern Lights
Flowering Time 7-10 weeks
THC Strong
Height Info short
Flavour Fruity & Herbal
Yield Good
Yield Notes 400-500 gr/m2
Mainly Indica Yes
Greenhouse Yes
Many say that the magical herb is euphoric, but Nirvana Seeds is pure heaven! This Dutch breeder opened their doors in the heart of Amsterdam way back in 1995 with one of the original Positronics' masterminds at the helm. With that kind of knowledge, Nirvana Seeds was a shoe-in to reach legendary status. Buy your regular and feminized seeds today & join Nirvana in spreading peace & serenity throughout the world. It just may change your life!